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Write 9 pages thesis on the topic the rights of the copyright owner and the public interest.

Write 9 pages thesis on the topic the rights of the copyright owner and the public interest. As the discussion stresses&nbsp.copyright does not protect the original idea or concept. rather it protects the words through which the author has represented his thoughts. The moment some shape is granted to an idea, for instance a piece of music or a painting, that idea has now been given a copyright. One does not need to register in order to gain a copyright. In other words, copyright comes into place at the time of creation and is applicable to both published and unpublished works. It is generally the rule that the copyright is in ownership of the creator and is binding on his or her published or unpublished work. Creations that can hold a copyright include music, novel, painting, brand name etc. The creator of the work is normally the holder of the copyright. however if the work has been made during the time the person was working for someone, then the employer is given the status of being the copyright holder.&nbsp.

This paper discusses that&nbsp.there are a number of laws that are in existence which describe precisely the rules that are associated with copyright. Copyright laws are responsible for demarcating the domain of what rights do the creators and copyright holders should have. This plays an essential part in the determination of whether public access to copyrights balances the rights of the copyright holders or if copyright is strengthened beyond the reasonable limit. This also forms the core of the debate presented in this paper.

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