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Write a 1 page paper on eisa: capturing the current state relative to a given business process.

Write a 1 page paper on eisa: capturing the current state relative to a given business process. EISA enterprise architecture Number: Lecturer: Explanation The diagram shows the departments that are found in the company. Thereare three important companies that are important. Each of the three departments has different software and applications that they run.

Human resource department

The department of human resource is the most important as it affects the staff of any given organization. This department handles issues that concern staff in any organization. This department is led by a human resource manager. The applications that run in the machines that are found in this department are mostly office suite which includes word processing software and spreadsheets. Another important application is that of GIS which is used to manage locations of various staff. Though it is not commonly used, but it used in situations where particular staff information is required like their location. ERP is another important application that is run in this department. This application is an integral of many systems. The network that is run here is that of star (Smith & Seifert, Illinois ).

IT department

This is the department that handles the technology and ensures that the business gets new innovation. They ensure that the technology is utilized. They are not only deal with the technological aspects of technology but also on strategic issues too (Fagan, 2005).

Accounting and Finance

This is the department that ensures that cash flow is healthy. They handle cash flow and how everything that concerns money be handled well and all spending are accounted for. They also ensure that the services offered by the company are relevant. They relay the information to the management regarding what the client want. They connect the company with the outside world so that they inform the company of what the outside world wants (Camp, 2004).


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