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Write a 10 page essay on Communication Factor in Employee Motivation.Download file to see previous pages... This message is then sent through a channel. Once this message is received, the receiver tra

Write a 10 page essay on Communication Factor in Employee Motivation.

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This message is then sent through a channel. Once this message is received, the receiver translates the original message from the words and symbols into a concept or information that he or she can understand.

Throughout the transmitting of the message, two processes are received by the receiver: content and context. Content is the actual words or symbols of the message which is known as language. This is the spoken and written words combined into phrases that make grammatical and semantic sense. We all use and interpret the meanings of words differently, so even simple messages can be misunderstood. And many words have different meanings to confuse the issue even more.

Context is the way the message is delivered and is known as Paralanguage. It includes the tone of voice, the look in the sender's eye's, body language, hand gestures, and state of emotions (anger, fear, uncertainty, confidence, etc.) that can be detected. Although paralanguage or context often causes messages to be misunderstood as we believe what we see more than what we hear. they are powerful communicators that help us to understand each other. Indeed, we often trust the accuracy of nonverbal behaviors more than verbal behaviors. [4]

A message is not communicated unless it is understood and decoded by the receiver. By the two-way communication or feedback the sender knows that it has been properly received. This feedback tells the sender that the receiver understood the message, its level of importance, and what must be done with it. Communication is an exchange, not just a give, as all parties must participate to complete the information exchange. [4]

How Effective Leaders Communicate

Communication is now understood as the exchange of information which is understood. Following this concept, communication is easy. However people don't seem to understand what and do effective leaders communicate to make them effective. Effective leaders stress the importance of 'active listening'. The key to effective leadership communication is to be able to draw good ideas out of others. To lead effectively, therefore, you need to be good at active listening. This means asking questions about what other people think and probing them on the pros and cons of their proposals. Asking people for their opinions is the best way of showing that you value them, another essential leadership trait, if you want to engage and retain key talent. [9]

Another characteristic that effective leaders possess is the vision of the future that they provide to the members of the organization. Although creating an uplifting and inspiring vision is difficult enough, it is not where most would be leaders fail. They fail in communicating the vision in a way that continues to enlist the dedicated, emotional commitment of the people throughout the ranks. [10]

To communicate this vision, communication whether it is a private direct communication or with a few is absolutely vital to ensure that the intended message is getting through. There is no other way for a leader to genuinely understand how the message is being received, including whether people actually do believe it. Employees respect this characteristic as the leader seems interested in the other person. [10]

The one thing a leader can always have in common with another person is his or her best interest.

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