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Write a 10 pages paper on analysis governments involved in events and festival.

Write a 10 pages paper on analysis governments involved in events and festival. The sector of the country involved with events and festivals is the tourism ministry. Tourism is the art of visiting and touring the country by the citizens and also visitors from other countries. Therefore there exist both domestic and international types of tourism. Tourism is n area of interest in all governments and they focus greatly on this sector due several crucial reasons. Tourism involves attraction of citizens and foreigners to the beauty and culture of a country thus a government must use all the necessary resources to ensure that there are adequate tourism sites and events in the country (Chin, 2008).

The purpose for government’s participation in most events and festivals is related to the tourism that these functions tag along with. Tourism is one of the moat promising sectors of a country’s economy if all the required resources are well maintained. The foreign exchange incomes are top in list in the sources of income for a country. For instance, in Britain, the tourism sector is ranked as the third highest industry involved with export income. The Britain government is among the top that receives the highest number of visitors from foreign countries in a bid to attend events and annual festivals (Alan, 2011).

The other reason as to why a government involves itself with events and festivals is because they contribute to fast growth of an economy. Events are entertaining and all entertainment industries in all countries are always on the lead. People prefer using their money on fun stuff and issues that bring the unity of the society. For instance, hosting different popular artistes to perform during festivities is a common move made by most countries to attract as many people as possible. The government will definitely want to invest in festivals so long as there is rapid growth in a country.

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