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Write a 12 page essay on Environment Ptotection.Download file to see previous pages... (Pamela.R.Cummings, 2001)With increasing awareness among the people regarding issues like Global Warming, Water a

Write a 12 page essay on Environment Ptotection.

Download file to see previous pages...

(Pamela.R.Cummings, 2001)

With increasing awareness among the people regarding issues like Global Warming, Water and food conservation, hotels have once again come to spotlight on how well they comply with the international standards. There have been serious allegations that hotels always tend to neglect the environmental issues and have only profit maximization on their priority list and this has clearly added onto the concerns of the consumers towards the Hospitality industry. The attitude of the major players in the hospitality industry has only added on to the apprehensions of the consumers.

This dissertation will mainly focus on ways to improve the present environmental scenario in the hotels and the strategies and ways implemented by them in combating the ill effects of environmental contamination caused directly, or indirectly by them. It will also analyze as to how various hotels have been focusing on issues like minimization and management of wastage, energy conservation, and sustainable food, staff training. It will also try and come up with practical environmental initiatives for the hotels. (Conrad Lushly, 2004)

As rightly pointed out in the first dissertation, the hotels, barring a few prominent and well known ones, do not configure or install any kind of energy-saving systems which clearly conflicts their statements generally about their concerns towards environment. Of course, they may be expensive to install, but the fact that the energy sources save a lot of energy clearly should send a message across that they help in reducing the overall operating costs of the hotel, if not in the short run, but definitely in the long run. Hence, in this dissertation, I also come up with a few measures for the hotels for the installation of specific devices and then will also list out the advantages of implementing the same.

In the wake of globalization followed by rapid growth of various industrial sectors and the mounting concerns towards the ill effects caused by the industrial growth, this is clearly an area worth researching. Though this deals with the research of only the lodging and hospitality in UK, I can say that this will clearly indicate the amount commitment hotels give towards environment.(Tyya.N.Turner, 2001)

This dissertation aims at coming up with alternatives to the existing proposals for the installation of devices and discusses the benefits for the same. It also elucidates the fact that installation of energy-saving devices will surely ensure in customer retention and moreover, will reduce the operating costs in the long run. Moreover, installation of such devices will make the hotel maintain eco-friendly and clean atmosphere which will clearly go a long way in enhancing the reputation of the Hotel and will definitely set an example for others to follow.

Literature review

This section deals with much more concrete measures that have to be taken up by the hospitality industry and the hotels concerning specific aspects of the environment practices being followed and how they can improve on them.

Waste Reduction/Management.

At a time when the natural ecologies are in the state of crises and when the rapid depletion of natural resources, it is indeed a matter of concern to the healthy nations and economies who boast if exponential growth.

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