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Write a 14 page essay on Military Health Care: The Walter Reed Medical Center.Download file "Military Health Care: The Walter Reed Medical Center" to see previous pages... I will campaign as an indepe

Write a 14 page essay on Military Health Care: The Walter Reed Medical Center.

Download file "Military Health Care: The Walter Reed Medical Center" to see previous pages...

I will campaign as an independent. I realize that independents have less of a chance at winning an election. For the most part, the country is divided between Democrats and Republicans. Demographically, my constituents are essentially conservative Republicans, but this district also has a strong history of support for democrats.

Sam Rayburn who was from this district (see below) was a Democrat. The political approach many people follow is either to vote for the member of their party or not to vote. That is, if they do not like the individual their party has chosen to represent them in the election, they just don't vote rather than voting for the opponent. While this is by no means what most people do, there are enough individuals who refuse to support anyone other than the candidate of their own party that it is certainly difficult for an independent to win. The same holds true for candidates representing minor political parties. Even so, I have chosen to run as an independent being fully aware as to how that might work against me. My district, the 4th Congressional District of Texas, is solidly white and conservative meaning that the candidate most likely to succeed will be a white conservative Republican. However, Texas is also the state of Lyndon Johnson, a Democrat and this District is the District of Sam Rayburn, a Democrat who represented this district from his first election in 1912 until his death 25 elections later in 1961.

As an independent, I intend to reach out for the votes of Democrats and of conservative Republicans. I will remind my constituents that historically, this district has a strong background of voting issues. That may or may not be true, but it will be easy for me to demonstrate that this conservative community has voted for both Democrats and Republicans in the past, suggesting a trend towards voting issues rather than following partisan habits. As an independent, my job will be to point out that our community votes issues, not partisanship.

I will seek endorsements from the Texas Cattleman's Association, The North Texas Oil and Gas Association, the Texas Association of Mexican American Chambers of Commerce, and other professional associations. Texas Association of School Administrators and related organizations. Some of these organizations my not have a strong presence in my district, but their endorsement may still be beneficial to my campaign. I will also seek the endorsement of black and Hispanic leaders in my district. I will seek endorsements from ranching and farming organizations and groups, religious organizations and groups, institutions of learning, teachers associations, academicians, Hispanic organizations and groups and black organizations and groups.

I will campaign in the 4th Congressional District of Texas for the seat of Congressman Ralph Hall. Demographically, I will reach out to the white, middle class, to Latinos and to blacks. These individuals combine to compose 98% of those who reside in my District. My Congressional District is mostly Anglos, 79%, and 18% black and Hispanic. The district is strongly conservative, religious and family oriented with many people being involved with local churches and schools. It has a rich farming and ranching community and tries to maintain quality schools and universities.

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