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Write a 14 page essay on STATEGIC MARKETING PLANNING AND COMMUNICATION.Download file to see previous pages... Environmental Analysis of Pfizer When looking at the challenges for Pfizer, it is importan


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Environmental Analysis of Pfizer When looking at the challenges for Pfizer, it is important to look at the environment of the entire pharmaceutical industry. In the last few years, this industry has become as competitive as any other. Because of technological advances, the tighter controls that have been place on regulatory compliance and “volatile investor confidence” (Verbigena Consulting, n.d.) the pharmaceutical industry has become very competitive. There are many ways to understand how this has happened and its effect on specific companies in the industry. For this study this researcher has used the PEST (political, economic, social and technological) model. In this model, it is important to identify those issues that are a part of the environment that makes the pharmaceutical company meet the competition as well as meet the environment head on. In this way, they are able to analyse their competition to make sure that they are doing what is needed. Political analysis In looking at the pharmaceutical industry, it has become increasingly competitive because there has been an emphasis on healthcare all over the world. People are living longer and they have more access to alternative modalities of healthcare. Also, healthcare has become more expensive to the average consumer which as meant that there needs to be reform on all levels. Healthcare is not just an economic burden to an economy but it is also a social burden. This means that politics come into play when there needs to be reforms to promote social welfare (In the UK the National Healthcare Service debate over Medicare is one example). Economic Value The pharmaceutical industry is projected to increase in the future. Since 2003, there have been substantial increases because of “high value mergers and acquisitions” (Verbigena Consulting, p. 3.). Many analysts have projected that pharmaceutical stock would increase to 10.5% by 2010 which meant that sales would reach $500 billion. This is not unfathomable because our societies are ones that are dependant on drugs (both over the counter and prescription) for many ailments and to fight disease. Although a large majority of sales originate in the US, Japan and EU, 80% of sales are distributed over nine countries: “US, Japan, France, Germany, UK, Italy, Canada, Brazil and Spain” (Verbigena Consulting, p. 3). Sales are expected to increase as people age and healthcare is reformed. Social Value Everyone is concentrating on good health today. There are many articles across the Internet that tell people how to look better, how to lose weight, how to stop aging and more. Because of this, pharmaceutical companies have an area that is always growing. Global epidemics like AIDS or SARS have helped the pharmaceutical companies push for a cure and their search has created an opportunity in the media to follow their progress. This also means that the pharmaceutical companies have to keep good relations with the media, government and other organizations that can help them keep the world out that they are doing a good job. Technology Technology has improved over the years and science has been one of those improvements. The pharmaceutical companies have to keep up with the technological demands in all of the industries they participate within. Also, these companies have to spend more money on research and development so that their employees will become more innovative in producing their products.

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