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write a 3-4 page paper

Using first person, AND in an essay drawing on your weekly experiences, write a 3-4 page paper about your most significant learning(s)  Reflect on the COURSE OBJECTIVES AND STUDENT LEARNING OUTCOMES  Consider how you will use what you have learned about leadership theories and apply it to your leadership style. Consider how you will approach a current or new supervisor, teammate or co-worker, and an individual you do or will supervise.

Course Objectives:

-Understand the nature and importance of leadership theories, specifically including the

significance of ethics and social responsibility through the lens of Servant Leadership;

Learn, understand, and apply different leadership theories including trait, situational,

contingency, transactional, and transformational.

-Consider the influence of leadership theories on power and politics;

Understand the impact of Transformational Leadership on followership; and the

implications of creativity and innovation on one’s own leadership style.

-Learn to observe and utilize emotional intelligence when interacting with other students,

role models, and future colleagues.

-Be able to relate leadership theories and concepts to their current and future roles in

student organizations and communities in order to synthesize and integrate leadership

into everyday practices. 

-Understand the nature of leadership theories, namely that it is largely relational and based

on many situational/contingency factors. 

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