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Write a 3 page essay on E-Learning.Download file to see previous pages... According to research, multimedia is the combination of various elements with interactive components (Asian Development Bank 7

Write a 3 page essay on E-Learning.

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According to research, multimedia is the combination of various elements with interactive components (Asian Development Bank 7). These elements can offer the consumer a more stimulating and vibrant web encounter, but like with everything, control is important. However, various multimedia elements need exceptional software development. It is unlawful to use pictures lacking the consent of either the photojournalist or the holder of the pictures. It is thus vital to attain authorization before an image is used for e-learning processes. Line art is the greatest rudimentary growth mass of official examination. It can be employed to develop more multifaceted shapes or to lead the eye of the audience from one location in the composition to another. Vector art element is employed by computers, where images saved take up less computer space. The images kept can effortlessly be inflated without altering the appearance. This, as a result, makes it simple for an e-learning education program to make or edit the image in order to suit the required pictures for learning. In the e-learning setting, interactivity is the communication that takes place between a person and a computer program. it allows the consumers to take part in the process actively instead of being a passive receiver of information. Interactivity is meant to enhance attentiveness, thus improving the learning process. These multimedia elements can be used in various ways in e-learning education program, and they can also be used at any given time depending on the requirements of the given organization. Instructional matters of the multimedia features are that there is deficiency of existing investigation to discourse the serious matters of just how to advance operative multimedia instructional concepts and technology that results into desired learning enactment and gratification. Audio is an element that uses sound to teach the material. Audio can be used as a stand-alone, such as a podcast. Alternatively, it can be used as a supplemental tool, such as providing sound to complement a PowerPoint presentation. The best time to use audio in e-learning is when the majority of learners are auditory. However, it can also be used to supplement text and other visual material. For example, visually a graph can be presented but audio can then explain the graph. The key is to only have it be supplemental, though. as Clark points out, stating the exact same points via sound and text can overload the learner rather than reinforce the material (Kineo, 2013). Audio should also not be used when it is known that learners will not have access to the required technology. One of the biggest technological issues with audio is developing a balance between file size and quality (Vaughan, 2007). It is important to ensure that quality is not compromised and that learners are able to clearly understand the file. however, because different systems, platforms, and users’ computers vary, file sizes need to be considered in order to ensure that the files are accessible. As Vaughan (2007) points out, the better the quality is, the larger the file will be. Another technological issue involves the balancing of the recording levels.

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