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Write a 3 page essay on Organizational Culture.Download file to see previous pages... During the recruitment phase the prospective employees are required to fill firms having features like cross-word

Write a 3 page essay on Organizational Culture.

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During the recruitment phase the prospective employees are required to fill firms having features like cross-word puzzles, so as to extend to the future employees the idea of what Zappos is all about. During the encounter phase Zappos resorts to an extensive orientation program to immerse the new employees into the quintessential Zappos values. The company offers the new employees a $1000 reward in case they decide not to join Zappos. This gives the new employees an idea of the kind of commitment to organizational values that Zappos expects of them. During the last phase of organizational socialization that is during the change and acquisition phase, Zappos allows the employees to evince commitment to its essential value of customer service in an extempore and innately natural manner. The Zappos employees are not expected to resort to any script or format while dealing with the customers. Zappos also offers happy hours to its employees when they engage in team activities and recreation. This allows the employees to develop commitment to the Zappos values in their own unique and natural manner. 2. There is no denying the fact that the success of a company to a large extent depends on its employees’ capacity to gel their personal beliefs and values with the organizational values. Zappos has a concerted strategy aimed at assuring that its organizational values fit with the values of the people it hires. Zappos has an extensive recruitment program which seriously digs into the values of the prospective employees to access as to what extent the values of a future employee blend with the Zappos’ organizational values. Once the employees are recruited, Zappos conducts an orientation programs to make sure that the new employees do get an idea of the essential Zappos values woven around customer service and ingenuity. Zappos offers to every new employee an incentive of $1000, in case one decides to quiet right at the start. This strategy extends to Zappos an opportunity to access as to what extent the values of the recruited employees blend with the organizational values. This also helps Zappos configure that to what extent an employee is comfortable with and committed to the organizational values. Part B 1. A few years back I had a chance to work at the local Sugar Sweet Bakery. It was a Big Bakery that employed around 67 people. Extending a personalized service to each and every customer happened to be a core value at Sugar Sweet Bakery. To embed this value in the organizational culture, Mr. Butler, the owner of the Bakery made it a point to role model the core values that this business was committed to. Each and every employee at Sugar Sweet was personally greeted by Mr. Butler every morning as one entered the Bakery. All employees were expected to have their breakfast every morning with Mr. Butler and other managers at the Bakery premises. During breakfast employees were encouraged the share their experiences and concerns with each other and the management. The objective was to give way to a family like atmosphere at the organization. Consequently the employees carried this acquired value of personalized care to the customers and extended a personalized and customized service to each and every customer that visited the Sugar Sweet Bakery. 2.

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