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Write a 4 page essay on Health care Utilization.Download file to see previous pages... The recent developments in this particular sector will also be evaluated in contrast with the notion of universal

Write a 4 page essay on Health care Utilization.

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The recent developments in this particular sector will also be evaluated in contrast with the notion of universal healthcare. Personal experiences and thoughts on this issue will be additionally connoted in this study. Effects of recent healthcare reform measures on access to care The enactment of The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act by President Barack Obama in the year 2010 is considered to be one of the most important measures that were taken for the overall development in the healthcare sector. The main aim of the act was to ensure proper health care services at affordable costs to a wide range of American citizens irrespective of their economic, cultural or social differences. The rapidly increasing healthcare cost in the US has undoubtedly become a major concern among policy makers and the common public in the current decade. In such circumstances, the enactment of the act which aims to encourage a larger population to obtain adequate healthcare assistance seems to have increased the access of US citizens to care. For instance, the act postulates that individuals who are even above 133% from the determined poverty level will be eligible for subsidies in their medical facilities. Additionally, small businesses and other sectors, which were previously observed to ignore medical facilities to their employees and employees’ families owing to cost concerns, will be considered eligible to receive governmental subsidies (Pittard, 2006). Altogether, these reforms are quite likely to create a positive influence on the access to care for US citizens. Influence of changes to access on health care service utilization Certainly, the aforementioned changes to access to healthcare in the US might impose significant influences on its utilization at almost every level of the sector. From a generalized point of view, the act fundamentally focuses on reducing the barriers of obtaining healthcare facilities rewarding greater access to the patients to low cost care assistances. This in turn may cause substantial negative impacts on the utilization of such facilities which has been the sole concern in arguments raised against the health reform. Even though this particular approach may be beneficial from a humanistic view point, an industrial concern towards the issue highlights significant limitations for the service providers in terms of costs. Notably, as service providers will have to deliver cost effective services to a larger base of population, high chances prevail concerning the comprised practice of ethically sound healthcare system. In other words, when attempting to deliver low cost health care to a larger population, organizations may have to comprise with quality too. Infrastructural limitations as well as legislative interventions may further raise conflicting issues within the system, hindering the utilization of the care at the ultimate level. The concept of universal health care and its reflection in the recent reform The concept of Universal Health Care (UHC) encompasses a wide perspective in the overall development of the health and financial perspective deciphered by an individual or a society. The concept includes various developmental features that are associated with increased amount of health care services along with proper output leading to improved health of the patients and the society at large.

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