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Write a 4 page essay on Student employment.Download file to see previous pages Employable graduates according to most organizations portray the same skills that are required by a person to lead a succ

Write a 4 page essay on Student employment.

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Employable graduates according to most organizations portray the same skills that are required by a person to lead a successful life.

Brown pp 442. A few factors that influence the occupational choice of a candidate are his interests and personality traits. Interests are defined by his preference in certain activities and Personality traits are enduring behavioral traits that are characteristic to certain people. According to (Digman 1990) "these traits come under the dimension of extraversion, agreeableness, conscientiousness, openness and emotional stability. "

Pp 69 Brown, Students have to face many obstacles in achieving the skill sets that will help them in achieving their occupational goals. Counseling and various training programs can help students in learning those skill sets and personality characteristics that are desirable for a desired occupation and structural position in an organization /industry.

This project, is an analysis on the author's personality traits and characteristics that are conducive or relevant to the authors occupational choice of Branding manager. It will also make suggestions on the skills sets that the author may need to develop in order to be optimally and competitively suitable in his preferred occupation.

Every student has his own...

Merrill 2000 has also given due importance to learning styles of a student and states that a student's preference and interests along with other "affective, cognitive and physiological factor " affect his learning ability .

PP 94 Bastable "Three mechanisms that can be used to understand a student learning styles are observation, interviews and administration of learning techniques". As students it is our preferences that determine our future occupation as ascertained by Kaplan and Sacuzzo ." We all have specific preferences in the way in the way we construe our experiences and preferences that underlie our interests , needs , values and motivations" .

The Myer Briggs Type Indicator is one of the foremost theories in understanding the various career options that are best suited to our personality traits . (Kaplan 433) . "The purpose of MBTI is to determine whether people fall on the introversion-extroversion dimension. " The MBTI test is very popular for its effectiveness in ascertaining career choices for students and new graduates and their purpose in life . (Maccaulley and Martin, 1995:219-239) . "The various MBTI dimensions are Extraversion / Introversion, Perception and Judging Scale ,Sensitive /Intuitive , Thinking /Feeling ". (MMDI radar)

The test that the author has chosen to take is the Mental Muscle Diagram indicator , also known as the personality Radar Report. which indicate that the author two most important indicators are INFP and ISFP. The Test concludes that the author's preference are strongly inclined towards' feeling' making the author's emotional quotient higher than found commonly.

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