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Write a 4 page essay on UC Application.Download file to see previous pages... Because many businesses are operating in tough economic times, making proper use of financial resources of importance valu

Write a 4 page essay on UC Application.

Download file to see previous pages...

Because many businesses are operating in tough economic times, making proper use of financial resources of importance value. Managing financial resources thus interests me given the benefit of using capital in an effective way. In addition, I have an interest of running a successful business that will purchase and sell goods in the international market. This enormous task requires robust financial understanding that I can only earn by enrolling in a financial program. These reasons reinforce my interest in finance major that is offered in your esteemed university. My interest for a financial major is strengthened by experience in a number of positions. In the past, I have worked as a sales person for a trading company where I managed products being sold by the firm. In this position, I learnt various skills required by marketers. During the 2010 summer, I worked as an intern in a Chinese firm. As an intern, my immediate supervisor tasked me with the role of carrying out various financial calculations using Microsoft Excel. Further, I learnt how to carry out market research and to use data in making strategic decisions in business. Most important, I learnt how to enter data and analyze them based on certain parameters. Equally important, I had the opportunity of working for an insurance agency. In this firm, I plan and advise clients based on their business proposals. Moreover, my role is to persuade businesspersons to subscribe to our insurance policies to protect their business from various risks. From the above work experiences, I gained many significant experiences that will improve my performance as a financial planner. First, I learnt how to market goods to different businesses with a goal of winning. With a goal of starting an international business, I am now aware of how to win other businesses that may be some of my customers. In the same fashion, I learnt the value of making a sound decision based on data gained from research. Indeed, this critical gain will improve my ability to operate in the international arena where business intelligence is paramount. Further, I also gained new concepts both in business and in finance that will increase my success in business. With an intention of working an iBank first, before starting my own business, I deem this experiences a great opportunity for me to appreciate the role of business. Given my application for consideration in your university, I intend to use this opportunity as a solid foundation to acquire other advanced financial concepts that will prepare me to excel in business as an astute financial planner. Questions two Being a leader is one of the attributes that defines me. Over years, I have had the opportunity to take on different leaders that have given me the opportunity to serve others, as well as develop myself. During my tenure in De Anza College, I was the president of the Japanese Cultural Club, which had a goal of disseminating Japanese culture, heritage, and value among members of the club. My acceptance as the president of the association was because of my cross-cultural ability and understanding of other cultures, as well. With this background, I am looked forward for an opportunity to use the skills I have learnt in contributing to the diversity of the university. Apart from being the president of the Japanese Cultural Club, I also served as chairperson of the Biology club.

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