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Write a 4 page essay on Zappos.Download file to see previous pages... During the period of past 9 years, the brand has greatly evolved to new heights. The objective of the company is essentially to pr

Write a 4 page essay on Zappos.

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During the period of past 9 years, the brand has greatly evolved to new heights. The objective of the company is essentially to provide the customers’ with best services online not only shoes as the product but also in other categories. The vision of the company reflects that out of total sales, 30 percent of retails trade will be made through online. Furthermore, the company’s vision also replicates that best services will be offered to the end customers’. The company deals in the sales of clothing and shoes through online. Its primary revenue is gained from the sales of shoes that contribute around 80 percent of the entire business. On analyzing the company background, it can be observed that Zappos is sells around 50,000 varieties of shoes within the market. The company believes in the ‘loyalty business model’ along with ‘relationship marketing’. The vital reason behind the acceleration of the company’s growth can be considered as its repeat customers. Moreover, the company has not invested much in the advertising aspect. in-fact the word-of mouth has ensured extensive growth and development. It is also famous for its reputation pertaining to customer service. For example, every new employee being hired within the corporate office requires a vigorous training of weeks on customer loyalty. This training is the initial phase and compulsory for all the employees before they enter into the actual workplace (Zappos, 2013). Four Problems Being Faced By Zappos Every organization in the present business environment faces an assortment of challenges. It has been recognized that an organization trading through online website faces certain viable challenges as compared to traditional ‘Brick-and-Mortar’ organizations. The persistent risk of online organization is hacking of the information. Zappos being an online company also faced the problem of hacking. It has been ascertained from a news report that the hackers got hold of around 24 million of customers’ personal information. This has created an immense problem for the company. In relation to hacking, the customers’ of the company have filed a suit against it. The management of Zappos wanted the matter to get into settlement pertaining to the terms of service. However, the court overruled the petition and the company was asked to present in the court for trial session (Thomas, 2012). Another major problem faced by the company that it needs to overcome is recognized to be the traditional one way thinking. According to the company CEO Tony Hsieh, the organizational culture tops the priority list than customer service. For any organization to sustain, both the aforementioned requirements are necessary. Only focusing on effective organizational culture without rendering proper customer service might lead to adverse intricacies. Organizational culture and customer satisfaction facilitate to establish a concurrent relationship (Edwards, 2012). In keeping with Zappos, another problem relates with ordering shipment. It has been recognized that the intense security check of Zappos also creates numerous problems for the customers pertaining to shipment. Problem pertaining to the order shipment has significantly affected the customer base of the company. The hurdle in the continuous and steady flow of cash within the company is another problem that has taken place within the problems’ purview. Technologies being applied within the company are not that effective in tracking the customers’ security alert and receive instant cash against the services being paid (Hsieh, 2010).

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