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Write a 4 pages paper on the use of name significance in their eyes were watching god.

Write a 4 pages paper on the use of name significance in their eyes were watching god. When reading through the works of the author, Crawford Janie Mae is considered to be the primary protagonist who undergoes through three various marriages.

In the marriages, the various husbands: Jody Starks, Vergible, and Logan Killicks is proud of the kind of name that is used to describe and evaluate the multiple personalities that define their wife. Based on this incredible ideology of tea and cake characterization, it is evident that Hurston manages to portray the ideas and values depicted by Janie. In that case, the writer can compare these values and beliefs with the names of the respective husbands.

Hurston utilizes the importance of names such as tea and cake to illustrate the varied personality of wife Janie Crawford and Husband Logan Killicks. The moment Nanny neared demise, and it was evident that the desires were dedicated to ensuring that the safety of Janies is maintained and assured in her process of marrying a wealthy person. Nonetheless, in the process of doing this, Nanny is inconsiderate of the kind of sentiments he provides. In that regard, Janies, the person previously knew that “Wives and husbands normally fall in love with each other,” does not come to a reality when we try to reconsider the status and personality of Logan. Logan Killicks is compared to her description as a Skull head in the graveyard.

Janie particularly concludes that several folks were not initially meant to be loved and appreciated in the relationship. Apart from not being interested in adorations, the couples seem to be polarly varied and whereas Janies is seen to admire communication that was initially there. She aspires to be in touch with the ecosystem since her voice as a woman is vital in the community. On the other hand, Logan is just interested in himself and what he does for a living and anything that he desires in life.

As time goes and their marriage continues, Logan focusses on domesticating Janies willingly and concentrates on her obligations on the farm as a mule. In that regard, all the fallacies and differences are connected to Logan Killicks. As such, the terminology log killer is incredibly based on the kind of name assigned to him. On the other hand, Janies is connected to personal desires and the ecosystem to be viewed as a tree in the blooms hence presenting a form of conflict.

Since Logan Killicks is fundamentally considered as a log killer that is incredibly viewed as an opposite force of nature, he is regarded as a foil to Janies and possess threats to her happiness and wellbeing. Subsequently, it is seen that he is choosing the identity as Logan Killicks, Hurston focusses on revealing the personal integrity and personality of Logan Killicks, whereas concentrating on strengthening the character depicted by Janies. Even though Jody Starks, the second husband to Janies, significantly embodies several beliefs, it is seen that all these characters are rejected later.

The moment Logan Killick had Janie running into Jody Starks’ arms. this is made possible since she has a belief that Jody Starks is not a replica of the pollen and sun-ups of the blooms. From this scenario, the transition for the transition of Janies is essential in the relation, and Janie deemed this necessary. Nonetheless, the moment Jody is considered to be the mayor of ascends and Eatonville concerned with the trip of power, the capricious and whimsical ideologies indeed disappear. This assumes the position of jealousy, domination, and oppression.

In the process of evaluating the various identities and names, it is seen that the community stark provides a crucial clue. In this case, severe is used to define the grim, desolates, and harsh. The aims of Janies precisely determine the union Janie with Jody, which was signified by the changes of appreciating each other, including domestic issues and passion with each other. Apart from that, Jody stark is utilized to mean rigid dead that further defines the deathbeds appropriately.

In this process, Jodie indicates both the physical and mental rigidness. Upon her visit to her husband, Jody, she brings out the entire moments of verbally and angst that categorically assaults him. In the process, she directs her stubbornness unequivocally to explain how Jodie transforms matters, although all these issues not to change him, including death hence defining the emotional personality of Jodie.&nbsp.

The moment Jodie dies, the situation of his demise is explained as a ‘cut-off breathing condition with one of his hands placed in a painful demonstration of tea and cake.’ In this case, the explanation is used to define the physical rigidness scenario. Hurston, in essence, selects the adjectives describing the word ‘stark’ to signify the original denotation hence utilizing it to effectively reinforce the definite character trait of Janie, which is categorically different from that of Judy.

When Jody Starks died, Janie Crawford seeks to enter into a good relationship with Vergile, denoted by the ‘tea and cake’ who is a young gentleman with notable character and value that categorically defines his name. Distinguished from the other Eatonville residents, he is considered to be different, eccentric, and more adventurous.&nbsp. In their relationship with Janie, he develops a profound and distinct connection in the process.

When the relationship experience was over, Janie describes the connection to define how she seems to have been with him for a long time now. Just like tea cake, Janie is considered to be significant inclusively as they migrate to Everglades woods, which is regarded as a natural area with an area rich in anything he needs.

The moment tea cake and Janie got married, they stayed peacefully to enhance their relationship experience. Their relationship was described as an individually-crushing affection off from the hiding love ‘area’ in the woods. &nbsp.Based on how their love was, it can be argued that this coheres to Hurston’s utility of the relevance and significance of the name ‘tea and cake’ whereby it can be interpreted to signify the virgin woods.

Different from the log killer, the virgin woods can be compared to the kind of passion that Janie has for nature and trees. Moreover, the tea cake signifies the type of affection and personality the two shared. On the other hand, Jody Starks and Killicks represent their variations of the woods with Vergible Janie to represent the correspondences, which also projected the traits of Janie. In the novel, the author utilized the significance of the name to depict the idea of characterization. She applies the personality of tea and cake with the use of literary techniques to portray and define the ideals and values of woods and Crawford Janie and all her husbands.

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