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Write a 5 pages paper on difference in usage patten of instagram among males and females.

Write a 5 pages paper on difference in usage patten of instagram among males and females. In addition, each social site is composed of different numbers and percentage of users. Users of social networks may be classified by age, gender, race, education and geographical area. However, most researchers classify users inform of gender, age and race.

The Instagram social site has a varying composition of users. Statistical data reveals that Instagram users fall under different categories of age, race and gender. Studies show that the dominate population of Instagram users is aged between 18 years and 29 years. The number of Instagram users decreases with an increase in age. There are very few Instagram users aged 65 years and above.

According to gender, the majority of Instagram users are female while male users are very few. For instance, female users are found to be 68% of all Instagram users while male users occupy a portion of 32% of the total Instagram subscribers. The difference between male and female Instagram users is huge and alarming. The demographic data on Instagram subscribers provide an opportunity to carry out studies to determine factors that result in the huge gender difference between male subscribers and female subscribers. Therefore, the main purpose of carrying this study is to determine major causes the gender difference in usage of Instagram between male and female subscribers.

The main objective of the Instagram demographic research is to identify various factors that contribute to the great difference between male subscribers and female subscribers of Instagram. Other objectives of the study include.

Online social networks are the most popular platforms used by the majority of internet users to interact and connect with each in different ways. Major of internet users utilize different social networks in the communication of information, exchange of pictures and information, building relationships, marketing their products and gathering information. Sharing and interacting are the major activities undertaken& social network users. These activities include sharing and posting photos, comments, thoughts, ideas, videos and opinions.

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