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Write a 6 page essay on Application Assignment.Download file to see previous pages... From my research it has revealed that when students communicate with their teachers via e-mails and there is a cor

Write a 6 page essay on Application Assignment.

Download file to see previous pages...

From my research it has revealed that when students communicate with their teachers via e-mails and there is a correspondence they view this as a good way of creating student teacher relationship. On the other hand if the teacher communicates with the students via e-mails and there is a correspondence then the teacher views this as way of fostering efficient teacher student relationship. Students have been noted to communicate with their teachers for a number of reasons and some of these reasons includes. Relational aspect. This is described as a bid to try and foster a professional relationship with the teacher. Students do this to familiarize with their teacher and know him well. The other one is the functional aspect .It involves the student giving explanation to the teacher providing reading materials and other syllabus homework and assignments to the students. Another reason why students communicate with their teachers is the participatory reason. Here the student wishes to show their interest and involvement in the class as well as their work. Another one is that of making excuses. In this reason the students try to give out reasons why they have not completed their assignments on time or why they are absent from their lectures or any other reason which might be involved or might arise in the course of their studies. The other reason definitely is expected to be noted is sycophancy. Some students like to make impressions to the teacher to gain some favours.These are mostly called in school circles teachers pets who are not very much liked by other students. After looking at the reasons above one can conclude that student teacher relationship is very important to the two parties. This is because teaching as profession is a relational vocation which cannot be successful without teacher and student having a good relationship. It can not be refuted that teacher student relationship is a contributing factor to the students’ classroom work success and out of the classroom as well. From the discussion above we can note some points which can enhance student teacher relationship. They include. One means of maintaining student teacher relationship is that both of them should reach out to each other personally. This will boost their relationship as they get to meet and talk to each and discuss matters affecting them both.( Martin &amp. Myers, 2006).this should mostly occur after classes or outside the classroom. The communication of outside the class helps students to discuss many topics with the teacher as well as getting to know each other on the social font this helps boost the confidence of the student and strengthens student teacher relationship (Fusani, 1994). In the course of outside class discussion which is known as extra class communication (ECC) it gives room for a large coverage of the syllabus as the teacher can attend to almost every students special needs and personal queries as opposed to doing as a group in the class.ECC also brings out the positive change in the student teacher relationship as their contact between the two which brings them closer to each other (Jaasma and Koper, 1999). After engaging in ECC students tends to gauge what their relationship has yielded and base their studies mostly on the outcome of their engagements. And after some research it was noted that those students who perceive that ECC was beneficial to them they tend to embrace it and moves on with it.

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