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Write a 6 page essay on One Child Policy Social Impacts: Gender Imbalance.Download file to see previous pages... Majority of couples prefer male children for reasons of family property inheritance. Th

Write a 6 page essay on One Child Policy Social Impacts: Gender Imbalance.

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Majority of couples prefer male children for reasons of family property inheritance. This has seen the rise of premature abortions for female fetus. Families prefer male children and therefore have seen a decline on female children as every family want to have a male child (Greenhalgh, 2008). The one child policy has since received criticisms from various scholars and humanitarians. Some of the critics are discussed in this paper. Family is the most complex and important institution in the society. It plays an important role to socialization in children. it helps develop the child’s intellect and personality. The People’s Republic of China found it necessary to maintain the country’s population as it is rapidly increasing, so it implemented the one child policy (OCP). Since the OCP was enforced over two decades ago, over 400 million births have been supposedly stopped and recent statistics state that over 90 percent of all urban children and over 60 percent of rural children have no siblings. Although the OCP has been reviewed in the past and showed success rates, its future implications are threatening to the social aspect of the country. Such implications create a huge gender imbalance in the country, which eventually leads to threatening social issues such as prostitution. Throughout the years, the drawbacks of the OCP have become more apparent. Even though the one child policy is seen as beneficial globally, it causes social impacts such as gender imbalance, which often leads to threatening social issues (Morelle, 2013). One and only child in a family result into lack of social skills among young adults in China. People born after 1980 have tended to experience short marriages with poor ability to work in teams. Social pressure amounts on single children due to the tendency to pamper them and not expose them to real work. This has led to social problems since the child is “spoilt” by the parents, and may have very high expectations from their child to excel since it is the only one. This may result into little emperor/Buddha syndrome. The social pressure from one child policy has impacted the rate at which children are abandoned by parents, and the number of children living in orphanages sponsored by the state. In late 1980s and very early 1990s, high rates of mortality and poor care in some of the institutions of the state generated an intense pressure internationally for reform (Richard, 2012). China’s population is currently over 1.3 billion and has been rapidly increasing (CIA). The one child policy is a law that has been initiated in order to help curb the population growth rate. Since the 1950s, China has been promoting the use of birth control and family planning. The OCP was implemented mostly in urban areas with the exception of ethnic groups in rural areas. Methods were enforced such as making contraceptive methods available as well as forced abortions and sterilizations. This resulted into a decline in China’s fertility rate and birth rate since the 1990s, limiting the families with one or two children. Parents also over indulge in the child resulting into high tendency towards cooperation and communication skills among the children due to lack of siblings. Children are also over indulged, have no adaptive capabilities, and lack self and social discipline.

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