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Write a 6 pages paper on compare and contrast the key appeal factors of the world's top four receiving countries(arrivals 2005)namely france,spain,usa,china.

Write a 6 pages paper on compare and contrast the key appeal factors of the world's top four receiving countries(arrivals 2005)namely france,spain,usa,china. In other words, to every country there holds its own specialty. People visit different countries for not only trade but to spend their vacations, to take out time to explore the world and its beauty. These migrations benefit the countries in a manner to hold up the foreign exchange along with the enhancement of business of their countries. Most of the countries show up their basic historical culture and tradition to keep it alive among the new generation and spreading it all over the world. It is being noticed that technology introduces a new change in every field of daily use.

A person traveling of one's pleasure is known to be a tourist and the process or migrations tourist make till one returns back to the homeland is known to be tourism. Tourist is said to be a name to visitor who travels the t other country to visit it for the cause of business or his pleasure. According to Mathieson and Wall (1982), tourism is "the temporary movement of people to destinations outside their normal places of work and residence, the activities undertaken during their stay in those destinations and the facilities created to cater their needs."8 In simple words, Wall and Mathieson wants to say that visiting a place other than usual places like office, schools, relative homes. a place where person moves to accomplish his personal or business desires. Desires may be to attain mental relaxation from the fast track life or desires may to achieve more trading clients to enhance own assets. Studying more about tourist and tourism, Macintosh and Goeldner (1986) defines tourism in words like, "the sum of phenomena and relationships arising from the interaction of tourists, business suppliers, host governments and host communities in the process of attracting and hosting these tourists and other visitors."8 This is simple and easy defining the same philosophy of tourism in mould of different words.


Traveling from one place to another was a big major time consuming issue. Its developments were simultaneously acting by the passage of time. On foot traveling was done before 1500A.D when stagecoach was invented. This is a carriage pulled by the horse. It in minority but yet being seen now a day and now it's the cheaper transportation to move from one place to another. Then in England in 1825, passenger-carrying railroads, i.e., trains are developed moving the research on the development of boats and ships which was first sailed in ocean in 1840. This transportation was usually used to move on the land across seven seas through oceans. Automobiles and now the most famous transportation is air travel. Traveling may be done for one or more of the following dimensions:

Natural Resources




Extreme Tourism, which includes adventurous activities.

Traveling is just not the reason but a name to live a healthy stay at guest place and enjoy that happy tensionless mood which requires following facilities:


Food & Beverages

Support Services

Infrastructure, services like communication, water for general use, electricity etc.

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