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Write a 7 page essay on BlueTooth Technology.Download file to see previous pages... Th ppr also intrducs th Bluetooth tchnlgy, discussd its fturs nd prticulr implictins f usage. Th finl prt f th ppr c

Write a 7 page essay on BlueTooth Technology.

Download file to see previous pages...

Th ppr also intrducs th Bluetooth tchnlgy, discussd its fturs nd prticulr implictins f usage. Th finl prt f th ppr criticlly discusss nd vluts th futur rnds f Blutth tchnlgy nd utlins th shrtcmings f th currnt dvlpmntl stg f th tchnlgy.

Blutth, whs nm is tkn frm tnth cntury Dnish king, is trd nm tht rfrs t shrt-rng wirlss spcifictin fr lw-pwr rdi chip crtd in th lt 1990s. Dvics tht r Blutth -nbld--ths includ cmputrs nd lptps, mbil phns, printrs, nd PDs--cn cmmunict with ch thr vr shrt distncs in wht's knwn s prsnl-r ntwrk (PN) (Miller, Bisdikian, 2002).

n sscitin f prfssinls clld th Blutth Spcil Intrst Grup (SIG), fundd in 1998, wns th Blutth trdmrk nd licnss th us f th trdmrk nd stndrds. Mmbr cmpnis writ th spcifictins, nd th SIG publishs thm nd runs qulifictin prgrms in which mnufcturrs tst thir dvics, xplins Michl Fly, xcutiv nd tchnicl dirctr f th SIG.

ny vndr tht wnts t us th Blutth tchnlgy in prduct must b mmbr f th SIG. Th mr thn 3,000 mmbr cmpnis f th Blutth SIG includ wll-knwn gints frm th tlcmmunictins, cmputing, utmtiv, industril utmtin, nd ntwrk sctrs, such s ricssn, IBM, nd Intl, s wll s mny smll tch cmpnis.

Th spcifictins r chnging cntinully. Fr xmpl, n rltivly nw spcifictin dscribs hw t strm str udi vr Blutth link. This typ f "prfil spcifictin" dfins hw diffrnt dvics intrprt nd llws fr nw typs f prducts such s str hdsts fr prtbl CD r MP3 plyrs.

Blutth ws dvlpd t rliz wirlss cn...

Blutth ws dvlpd t rliz wirlss cnnctin btwn vrius typs f quipmnt (mstly, smll-siz ns). T crt PN, usrs nd t "pir" th uthrizd Blutth -nbld dvics tht will cnstitut th ntwrk, which typiclly tks nly fw kystrks. n uthntictin pssky is shrd during th piring prcss, which typiclly rquirs usr t ntr psswrd. Mny dvics tht dn't hv usr intrfcs ( hdst, fr xmpl) hv sttic psswrd tht cnnt b chngd.

Dvics tht hv bn pird rmin pird, vn if n is turnd ff r tkn ut f rng. thy dn't nd t b pird gin ch tim thy'r usd, nd psswrds dn't nd t b rptdly ntrd. s mny s ight dvics cn b cnnctd in PN. Dt snt within th PN is ncryptd with 128-bit ncryptin.

Dvics cn b lft in discvrbl md, mning tht thy cn b sn by thr Blutth dvics. Fr xmpl, in n ffic Blutth printr might rmin discvrbl s tht ll mplys in shrd r cn snd print jb wirlssly. Thy cn ls b lft in nn-discvrbl md, mning tht thy d nt rspnd t quris frm thr dvics nd r invisibl t th typicl Blutth dvic. Th discvrbility functin is ftn turnd n by dfult t mk it sir fr usrs t st up PNs nd fr Blutth cll phns t b bl t lct nrby Blutth usrs.

Th nw systm cmpriss Blutth -nbld scnnr wrn by ldrs lik ring, nd trminl tht is wrn n th wist. Th tw r nt cnnctd by ny wirs tht culd b snggd n bxs r clthing. Instd, whn th ring scnnr rds br cd, tht infrmtin is trnsmittd wirlssly using th Blutth prtcl t th trminl. Frm thr, it is trnsmittd vi mr trditinl wirlss prtcl knwn s 802.11b (th sm tchnlgy usd by wirlss ccss pints in hms nd ffics) t th wird-sid infrstructur. Tht dt is thn inputtd int th dt-bs s tht trcking infrmtin cn b updtd t lmst th mmnt ldr tuchs pckg.

Dspit th lck f wirs, th dvics hv t b strng t ndur th hrsh trtmnt thy rciv frm ldrs.

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