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Write a 8 page essay on Summery of Man and organization three problems in human relations in organization and environment.Download file to see previous pages... These problems are not clear cut as the

Write a 8 page essay on Summery of Man and organization three problems in human relations in organization and environment.

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These problems are not clear cut as they tend to be mutually dependent. Culture “Culture is defined as ideas, customs, skills, arts etc. of a people or a group that are transferred or communicated or passed along as in or at succeeding generations” as defined by the American heritage dictionary. Culture can be stratified into organizational and indigenous culture. According to Everett Hagen (Whyte 1959 pg. 8)“in Latin America we find a much greater emphasis upon line of authority and a lesser development of staff organizations than we see in comparable companies in the united states. Its union management relations and grievance procedure as we know it in the US is little in evidence in Latin American plants”. This shows that the Latin American society is more stratified with greater emphasis upon family and community which makes it difficult for people in different status level to express themselves freely and frankly in discussions and arguments. In this kind of culture people tend to congregate into social groups and networks in which they interact and seek acceptance and also give approval to fellow workers, this is where members form their goals, attitude and ideals. They have virtually elected leaders who they always tell to air their grievances. George Elton Mayo of the Hawthorne experiment (Accel team 2010) says that “change from an established society in the home to an adaptive society in the work plant resulting from the use on new techniques tends to continually disrupt the social organization of a work plant and industry generally”. This shows that indigenous or national culture influences workers even in the work place. The institute of work psychology university of Sheffield 1998 describes organizational culture as “the aggregate of an employee’s perception of an organization e.g. quality of communication, level of supervision and support for innovation”. When an employee joins a new organization, s/he is matriculated into the culture and practices of the organization. If there is a lot of bureaucracy in the operations of a firm or stratified culture, members are not able to communicate their problems freely especially to higher authority. For centralized organization especially in supervisory and decision making, lower management tends not feel very accountable or responsible because they only carry out orders as received from above and thus they are not able to influence performance as they should in their individual field. Herzberg’s motivation theory (Accel-team 2010) says that “the motivation for maximum productivity of an employee is recognition, achievement, growth and advancement and if these lack even if the hygiene factors are present the individual finally loses interest and is not maximally productive.” Therefore if an organization lacks to the right practices to motivate their workers they do not achieve maximum productivity. Organizational structure The business defines it as “a framework typically hierarchical within which an organization arranges its lines of authority and communications and allocate rights and determines the manner and extent to which roles, power and responsibilities are delegated, controlled and coordinated”. Every organization has both formal and informal structures.

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