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Write a paper of about 2 pages single spaced and 12 pt font on Epistemology.

Concerning: Lecture 1-4 on Epistemology; Chapters 12-14

Compare the three different views on the nature of knowledge discussed (justificationism, foundationalism and reliabilism). Of these three, reliabilism seems the most attractive account of the nature of knowledge. Give at least one positive reason why this is so (so a reason why reliabilism is a good account – a reason which does not apply to justificationism and not to foundationalism). And give at least one negative reason for each of the alternatives why this is so (so a reason why justificationism is a bad account – a reason which does not apply to reliabilism; and a reason why foundationalism is a bad account – one which does not apply to reliabilism).

In the course of your answer you have to explain briefly what the core ideas of the three views are, whether they work or not, and what different kinds of beliefs on each view count as knowledge and why.

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