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Write a presentation 1000words

How you speak is key to how you are perceived. Many companies have Toastmasters groups where employees can hone their communication and speech making skills. Polished presentation skills often lead to promotions and a perception of leadership abilities. Speaking well is a way to get recognized and invited to meetings and included insignificant discussions. 

This assignment will require you to write a presentation.

After completing this assignment, you should be able to:

  • Understand how to write a presentation.
  • Appreciate the importance of listening.
  • Write a thesis and supporting paragraphs for a speech.
  • Be familiar with the how to give good speeches.

Your tasks:

1. Write a 1,000-word speech (about five minutes).

2.  Select a topic of your interest from the list provided

3. You will be evaluated according to how well you construct a thesis paragraph telling what and what order, and how well you devise thesis-like subheadings.

To help with this assignment:

1. The relevant parts of the textbook are pages 1-18, 27-40 , 187-191, and 193-197. 

2. Watch this video:

10 ways to have a better conversation:


3. Read these articles and tips about how to make a good presentation:

a. How to give a killer presentation:


b. Storytelling that moves people:


3. List of topics. You should go to the library and search for articles on these topics

1.  Managing diversity

2.  Business ethics in corporate America

3.  How to develop Leadership skills

4.  Benefits of corporate social responsibility

5.  Effects of whistleblowing in corporations

6.  Best negotiating tactics 

7.  Corporate investment in environmental responsibility 

10.  Consumer information gathering and Internet responsibility 

Check your spelling to make sure it is correct and copy and paste your text into the free www.grammarley.com account to check for errors.

I am a Management major junior student in college, please choose------ 1.managing diversity

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