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write a program that grades an online math quiz.

Need help creating a raptor and c++ program that does the following: 

write a program that grades an online math quiz. The programasks the student to enter his/her answer to 10 multiple-choice questions. All of the quizanswers are integers. The program stores the student’s responses in an array and thencompares those responses to the correct answers to determine the student’s grade. Your program must use this main procedure which calls the three procedures you are toimplement. setCorrectAnswers takes an out parameter, corrrectAnswers, which is an array ofintegers. It sets each array element to thecorrect answer according to the table above.inputAnswers takes an out parameter,givenAnswers which is also an array of integers.It asks the student to input their answers toeach of the 10 questions. This procedure mustuse a loop.numberCorrect takes both correctAnswers andgivenAnswers as in parameters and has aninteger out parameter, numRight. It setsnumRight to the number of questions thestudent answered correctly

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