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Write a program that will allow a teacher to calculate the average test score for a certain number of students.

Write a program that will allow a teacher to calculate the average test score for a certain number of students.  The teacher can enter the number of students who took the test, and then the score for each student.  Your program will then calculate the average score, the lowest, and highest score and print out the results.  You program must use appropriate loop, modules, and run multiple times for different sets of test scores.

Now, remember that validation plays an important role here. For example, your program should catch blank, zero, negative numbers, and strings. Your output must be rounded (my sample video does not do it)

Here is a simple running copy as a sample:

Score Average


Your lab submission should consist of a single Python file,, uploaded to the Lab 5 dropbox. The file should meet all of the following requirements:

  • Your name given as the author.
  • Comments including a brief description of the program, Input List and Output List, and full pseudocode. Place the pseudocode for each module above the module's Python code. Remember that each module must have a description. 
  • The program must have at least one input and at least one output.
  • All user input must be validated. This means the user is not allowed to just enter any value. You must check the value, and ask the user to enter it again, and repeat this loop until the user enters a valid value.
  • Your program must use at least two arrays in meaningful ways. The array can contain any type of values, as long as they are both used meaningfully in your program.
  • Your program should be organized into separate modules. Each module should be "cohesive" and should only do one thing.
  • Use parameters and arguments to pass values into your modules (don't use global variables).
  • The Python code should run correctly, and the logic should match your pseudocode.
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