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write an essay introducing yourself. The essay must have no fewer than 500 words. You may write more if you wish. You MUST include a word count at the end of your essay. (I recommend you write the ess

write an essay introducing yourself. 

The essay must have no fewer than 500 words. You may write more if you wish. You MUST include a word count at the end of your essay. (I recommend you write the essay on your word processor then copy it and paste it into the submission area here on the assignment site. You can get the word count that must be included at the bottom of your essay from your word processor.)  You MUST type the word count at the end of your essay or the essay will NOT be accepted.

Discuss ALL of the following:

  • Where you are from? What has been your education so far? What are...your plans for further education...your career goals...your level of interest in government and politics...your general history of involvement in politics and government?  How, in your opinion, do you thing government and politics affects your life?  What is your party affiliation (if any).
  • If you're from another country,  write about your country's government and politics and how you believe it differs from this country.
  • Tell us who your most admired public figure is and why (contemporary or historical).  Also, state who would be your least favorite public figure and why (also contemporary or historical).  It need not be a political or governmental person but it must be a public figure (but not your grandmother or third-grade teacher).
  • Lastly, discuss at least two public policy issues that are most important to you.  (For example: the economy, climate change, the environment, racism, the government shutdown, Mr. Trump's wall along the border, his Muslim travel ban, Mr. Trump’s withdrawal of American forces dealing with Syria, the Russian hacking of the election, the Mueller investigation of Mr. Trump, the Supreme Court, the new Democratic-controlled House of Representatives, crime, abortion policy, education policy, immigration policy, etc.)
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