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Write reply to following paragraph :(about 80-100 words,very short reply):

Write reply to following paragraph :(about 80-100 words,very short reply):

Living in America, it would be easy to say that women have a great amount of freedoms and therefore, they are equal or they do not suffer discrimination, however, this is not true. I have seen with my own eyes how women are not given the same respect as men when it comes to certain professions. For example, women are seen as inferior to men when it comes to job fields like being a mechanic or a firefighter. Women are viewed as being more delicate and having more needs than men, so when they want to pursue careers in these fields, they are not given the same opportunity as men. Women are less likely to try to go into these fields because they will not be given the same promotion or opportunity as they will be discriminated against when they apply for the job. Furthermore, women are also not paid equally as men in some career fields as well. A great deal has been made about women not being paid the same by employers when compared to their male co-workers that do the same job.

Investing in women leads to greater benefits because it allows women to contribute society in different aspects than just giving birth and taking care of their husbands. Women are a great asset to any society when they are educated and they begin to work for payment. Their children greatly benefit from receiving extra income as their mother will spend their income in their child’s education. A woman will also spend extra income on healthcare and other household items. This ensures that more children are educated and that they will live longer, which helps a community or society in the long run. Moreover, women will be able to create economic growth when they have jobs by creating more business opportunities for others as they buy products. Women can also be great business leaders and they can also help pull people out of poverty as well.

One of the men in the video states that they felt that their authority was being challenged when a woman was seeking to enter one of the programs to help them. For these men, the way that they had been living for decades or years was beneficial and they enjoyed what they had. These programs were an attack on their way of life as their wives or the women in the community were no longer in a submissive state. Men were resistant to the idea that women could be independent and begin to provide for themselves. Some men told their wives that if they began to have independence, that it would be a betrayal to their religion and they would go to hell. However, the women would argue that if richer women were having these opportunities, why not them? They would also tell their husbands that those women were going to hell as well and that if that was their destiny, then so be it, but they wanted to gain independence through education. The program sought to bring in the men to participate with their wives in the program. By involving the men and seeing how the program was helping the family, they were less resistant to the ideas presented by the program in the long run.

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