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write response of 500 words minimum

read the 2 attached file, and write a response of 500 words minimum answering the following questions.  

DISCUSSION QUESTION & ‘RESPONSE’ TOPIC #4: Descartes wanted to doubt 

things in order to arrive at certainty and a solid foundation that he can use as the 

basis for his knowledge and justification for other beliefs. (1) Explain CLEARLY 

and IN DETAIL (a) his philosophy of arriving at CERTAINTY as a solid foundation 

for knowledge (foundationalism), (b) how he did this, i.e., (i) his method or process 

of doubt, (ii) what he doubted, and (iii) the reasons for or how he doubted them. (2) 

What practical lessons, which have relevance to everyday life, can you learn from 

his method or process of doubt, his idea of trying to establish certainty and a solid 

foundation for knowledge, and the idea of being skeptical of anything until and 

unless you have solid evidence or proof for it? Explain.

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