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Write the fun fiction paper and ​I want you to work while communicating with me.

Delivery time is 7 days, but first paper must submit by July 7 9:00PM.

I want you to work while communicating with me.

Due by July 7 9:00PM

A. Five sources, annotated. One paragraph summarizing the content in the source and the way you believe it can be used in your fan fiction.

B. MLA, 12pt. Times New Roman double-spaced

C. These sources can be anything that you believe would/could be useful in writing your fan fiction. This includes fan wikis, Wikipedia pages, academic sources, historical sources, biographies, random tidbits of information that may help you to set, characterize, and write. The range is endless. However, the frame and limitation is that this information must have so mething to do with where you believe your writing will go in your fan fictions.

A. One page (full)

B. MLA, 12pt. Times New Roman double-spaced (Any proposals not following these directions will not receive points for this task.)

C. Discussion of potential fan fiction topic, indication of specific focus, explanation of why you are interested in writing about this topic, a research implementation plan, a schedule using due dates.

D. Correct language and grammar.

E. This topic is not binding. You may deviate once you begin writing your fan fiction.

Due by July 9 9:00PM

A. One fan fiction post of 1,000 words

B. May be written for any fandom.

C. Prose or script format

D. Grammar will not factor into grading.

E. PG-13 or lower, no sexual content allowed.

F. Do not plagiarize.

G. Other factors will be determined by classmates in class discussion.

May emphasize:

a. Language

b. Creativity/Innovation

c. Interaction with source text

d. Characterization, setting, and other literary factors

Due by July 10 11:59PM

A. 250 word post in response to each group member

B. Offers feedback on where writer did well and potentially where they could improve.

C. Discussion of rhetorical devises is not required, but is encouraged.

Due by July 13 9:00PM

I want you to consider the rhetoric of your own fan fiction post. Look at the credibility that you established, if you established any. Look at the emotions that you tried to, consciously or unconsciously, inspire in your audience. Look at the logic that you provided, or lack thereof. Provide examples from your fan fiction to support your points. Sometimes it is best to split it up like this:

Ethos --

Pathos --

Logos --

Write at least 250 words in this entry. You are welcome to use any content in this journal in your rhetoric reflection paper. Consider this a free-write or brainstorming activity. I will attempt to provide feedback, so please make certain to check your journal the following day to see feedback.

Due by July 17 11:59PM

A. Minimum four pages âanything below this page count will receiving an automatic failing grade.

B. Discussion of ethos, logos, and pathos as they are present or absent in your fan fiction post(s)

C. Discussion of choices made in characterization, setting, writing style, dialogue...

D. Intertextual discussion potentially

E. Language used in fanfiction post

F. Audience interaction

G. Effective or ineffective in entering the conversation?

H. Paper can be as long as desired.

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