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writing a single spaced page about Talent management with at least one resource. Follow the description step by step please.

Assignment Directions

As a group you will decide who on your team will research and write on one of the 6 specific Practice options below. That person will then prepare a approx. one full pagesingle spaced, paper.Note: include your name and team number at the top of your specific page. Each page/practice report should include a summary of what they found were some of the best practices and most valuable ways to improve the specific Simulation Practice area.  

While you will be working together in a group to develop a formal combined report, you will be graded on your individual contribution.  

Each group member:

  • picks a different topic of the 6 simulation practices options listed below (see 'Scenario" below)
  • writes a page on their selected topic
  • includes at least one reference for their topic to be listed at the end of that area of their specific report page
  • selects a team leader to combine all of your group's individual papers into a professional report. (see sample report and sample business report templates)  
    • Be sure the report has a title page listing: group number, Class day/time, Section #, and team member names
    • Be sure each page reflects the name of the person who wrote that part of the report
    • Be sure the 6 simulation practices are combined in your paper in the order they appear in the "Scenario" order below
    • If you have 4 or 5 in your group then Select the "Practices" you believe are most important and the most interesting to you (need not do all 6)
    • Be sure the paper uses consistent fonts
  • selects one team member to submit the report here thru Bb (see below)

PRIOR to the one team member submitting the combined reports in Bb each team member should review the final combined report for both accuracy/spelling, format and also for an overall learning experience to help with the simulation.

This assignment is different from the Simulation Strategic Plan. We will review this report next week.  Also, further details on this report format is in Bb under the 'Simulation information" in the menu on the left side (along with all the other Simulation related information).


As an HR executive, I am asking you, as an HR consultant, to research the following 6 Simulation HR "best practices options" that you will also encounter in the simulation. These are the choices you will make when using your budget for the 9 "options" during each of the 8 quarters of the Simulation (which in turn affects the KPI's/Statistics/Results).  See the Student Manual for more details.

6 Simulation practices options (pick a different one for each group member):

  1. Performance Appraisal
  2. Work/Life Balance
  3. Training
  4. Talent Management
  5. Compensation
  6. Selection
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