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You each have had experiences that changed the way you view the world. In this essay, I want you to tell me about one event that occurred within a twenty-four hour period that changed your life. I want to experience this event as you experienced it, so walk me through it step-by-step. A successful essay will use a combination of the techniques described in Chapter 2 of The St. Martin's Guide to Writing, such as representations of conversations, active verbs to move the essay along, strong, specific details, and strong story-telling to create a world in which the reader feels what you intend the reader to feel. I also expect to see your world-view changed in some way by the end of the essay.

This essay must be at least three pages long, be set in double-spaced, 12-point Times New Roman font with one-inch margins, and your name, my name, and your course must appear in the top left-hand margin on the first page only. All subsequent pages must be noted with your last name and all pages must be numbered.

i did brain storm and that what you going to use 

1-what I did after graduation

2-going to usa or stay in usa

3- what major is the best

4- no one help me choosing my major because I'm the oldest brother.

5- I decide to came to us

6- I Need money

7- I should get loan from my bank

8- finally I booked a flight to us

9- in the 9th of May 2014

10- I'm in Oklahoma to study English

11- I tried to eat halal meat only

12- after 8 months I got scholarship

13 - I like USA more than my country

14- my family wants me.

15- I can't live alone I need a roommate.

16- I tried to cook

17- I’m finally 21 years

18- wait I can't drink because I'm Muslim

19- every one knows me here thought that I'm Indian.

20- I just want to take a test from school

21- my dad refuses

22- as always

23- it's time to focus on my future

24- the 24th of August 2016 at 9 am was my first class

25- software engineering

26- Missouri , Kansas city

27- Avila university

28- I moved from North Carolina to here

29 - I was in NC to study also English

30- I got 6 out of 9 in English test

31- my father starred to feel proud of me

32- my mom wants me to be near to her and wants me to go back but I told her that i have to stay here to be an engineer.

33- I love math but I hate graphing

34- my first English class was with Alison coupland in fall 2016

35- my second class is with her also in summer 2017

36-Ramadan is a rough month for me.

37- this is my first time that I fast out of my country

38- again it's so hard

39- I got a puppy

40- she was 27 days’ old

41 - her name is Aria

42- it's my first time that I raise a dog and I love it.

43- I hate computers

44- I bought my first car

45- I bought my first motorcycle

46- I want my mom and dad to came here and see me how I'm trying my best to keep them proud.

47- I cry every time I feel bad because it's give me relive.

48- I want to try wine just to feel relax

49- I travel a lot in usa

50- half way to graduate

51- I got 3 F' s and 3 A's Last semester

52- number 51 to show you how my I'm sooo unlucky

53- I have 5 brother and 2 sisters

54- I'm the oldest that's why my mom wants me back.

55- I quit smoking in 2015

56- my father is a smoker

57- Las Vegas is my dream city that I want to visit

58- I used to have blackberry

59- don't believe everything you read

60- 100 detail is a lot

61- I met my wife in Oklahoma

62 - my supervisor was Ron Meclery

63- he did my first assignment for me

64- I worked with Walmart for 6 months

65- my first semester was the best semester for me.

66- every day I ask myself m I going to graduate?

67- most likely I'm going to

68- my first friend that I met here is my bff right now

69- in fall 2016 I saw snow for first time

70- while I'm doing the 100 details I remember my first semester in Avila.

71- I'm really sorry mom

72- I call my family ones a week

73- I used to call them every day.

74- mosa is my roommate

75- I thought he is gay person

76- I did not know what gay means.

77- when I came to us I did not know how to read and right my name

78- after 3 months only I learn a lot .

79- I start to watch movies (thank you Netflix)

80- I spent over 125000$ so far

81- are you really going to read all of that?

82- it's a hard life in here but it's made me strong man.

83- I'm going back to my country for a small vacation.

84- I start to eat meet

85- my brother graduate from high school

86- I love reading in English not in Arabic.

87- I love hacking computers but my major wants me to be a costumer service person.

88- some day I'll  hack Google.

89- I feed my dog every day 3 times

90- I wanted to be a safety engineer but I did not got chance.

91- my apartment got stolen in 23rd of Nov 2016

92- unfortunately my birthday is in 16th of Nov

93- the weather in here is very hot in summer and very cold in winter.

94- my favorite book is holes

95- I just want to finish school and go back to my country just to back to my old routine.

96- one fact about me that I haven't been sick since I came to usa.

97- I hate American music.

98- I love Arabic music.

99- I’m taking 9 credit this semester just to prove to my father that I can do it.

100- I’m taking 2 classes of math and English

101- I hair this number in a lot of songs and I don’t know what it’s mean.

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