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Written Analysis of Case

Transforming Singapore’s Public Libraries                                                       Case Questions

Ø  Why did Singapore decide to change its libraries? How significant was the change, and how would you characterize it from a strategic perspective? What is the equivalent to this change for a typical for-profit company?

Ø  Who was the Singapore library system’s “customer”?  What was the “product”?

Ø  How did the type of service delivered and the service levels change?

Ø  What important elements of the library system didn’t change? Why? Was this a failure in change management or was it intentional?

Ø  What were the key components of the change effort? Why were they important? Do they relate to one another?

Ø  Was the order in which things happened important? Why or why not?

Ø  Reengineering often fails. Did this reengineering succeed? If so/if not, why?

ØI attached grading sheet please be attention to it that will give you an idea about what the instructor looking for. Do at least 5 –6 pages.

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