XCOM 200 Week 6 Assignment

In this paperwork of XCOM 200 Week 6 Assignment Self-Esteem and Peer Perception Analysis you will find the answers on the next questions:

- Is your self-esteem high, normal, or low? Why do you believe it is at this level? - How do you form perceptions of yourself and how do others form perceptions of you? - Are your own perceptions and those of others similar? What differences exist? How can these differences be explained? - Are there any interpersonal perception barriers that may be affecting the way you perceive yourself or the way others perceive you? If so, what are they and how do they affect you? If not, what barriers do you feel most commonly affect interpersonal perception? - Which two strategies for improving self-esteem or interpersonal perception can help you most? Provide your rationale for choosing each strategy.

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