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You are the Network admin for a small company XYZ this company is building its Network infrastructure from scratch and you have been tasked to assist in this project so you have been asked to develop a plan/design based on their business requirements/needs and below are the company’s requirements:

· The company will be located in a building at Chicago and it will occupy two floors (7th floor and the 8th).

· The company size would be around 35 total employees (20 employees at the 7th floor and 15 at the 8th) and there would be a potential growth in the next 5 years.

· Users will need to be able to use the Internet for their research/study also they will need to use email and chatting system to communicate with each other and other companies.

· There will be a primary printer and scanner for each floor and each user need to be able to print/scan to the backup printer if the primary ones fail

· No voice or video streaming is required.

· Network Devices will be secured in a room in each floor also you will need to restrict access to these devices by setting passwords/encryption

· After 6 months the company is hiring a group of 10 employees in another state (Indiana) and both locations at both states will need to communicate with each other all 10 users will have Laptops to do their job.

As The Network Admin and using packet Tracer you are required to design this Network using the following:

· Provide a project outline/plan by analyzing the above requirements include a logical/physical drawings of your network(30points)

· Use the right Network devices/cables taking in considerations the potential company’s growth(10 points)

· Configure the Network devices and provide meaningful hostnames also restrict access to these devices by setting passwords/encryption(10 points)

· Design the IP addressing Scheme correctly(use the correct interfaces IP addresses)(10 points)

· Consider using either dynamic/static routing to allow proper traffic routing between the two locations(10 points)

· Test your completion of this project, users in both locations will be able to communicate with each other successfully use all possible Network tools /show commands to test your results(20 points)

· Troubleshoot any possible issues…(10 points)

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