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Yemen conflict

Please solve these two questions about Yemen conflict ALSO -- please provide a list of the 2 best sources you used and your assessment of their reliability. Please consider whether the sources you provide are:

- generally reliable for accurate information

- reliable, but written from a particular point of view that is clearly stated

- partisan -- little attempt is made at trying to present a balanced point of view; information may be skewed to reflect a desired result 

- disinformation -- as far as you can tell, this source is simply trying to spread fake news or propaganda 

NOTE: some of the most important sites may fall in the latter two categories. They are, after all, a part of the conflict. 

You do not need to have one source from each category, but please try to find one. 

Please write 2-4 sentences on how/why you categorized each source. 

The question are :

Formal Religion:

What religion(s) are involved? Are there branches of religions in conflict (e.g. Catholic vs. Protestant)? Does religion seem to be a major factor in the conflict? In what ways? Is it a cause, justification, lubricant, or something else entirely? 


What are the effects of the conflict on non-combatants? Famine? Internal displacement or refugee crisis? Political repression? 

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