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You are the Principal Engineer for "Lightning Speed Communication Co." The Company has an opportunity to place a strategic communication device on...

You are the Principal Engineer for "Lightning Speed Communication Co." The Company has an opportunity to place a strategic communication device on St. Thomas Island.  Due do the work load of your staff, and the complexity of this project, you decide to establish a project leadership team that includes a project manager with a deputy. This is the first time you have set up a combo team, however, it has worked well for others in the company on critical strategic projects.

You have selected Victoria to be the project manager. She has 23 years of experience with the company with a strong profile of projects in the tropics and on remote islands. Victoria is well respected among her peers at the company and is very active in networking with others in her discipline around the world. Though English is not her native language, her communication skills are strong both verbal and written. Victoria is not able to travel overseas due to new physical ailment, therefore she will be based in the main project office. 

You selected Eric to be the deputy project manager. Eric is new to the company and just received his engineering degree 6 months ago. Eric has been eager to learn and he performed well in the company's project management program. Eric likes to build his own computers and is a respected ham radio operator. People in the office have started calling him 'Jr. McGyver' due to his ability to solve practical problems with electronics.  Eric speaks no other languages, has not traveled out of the country, avoids spending time outdoors, and rarely speaks up in meetings. 

The project includes conducting a site inspection with a local company representative and a St. Thomas government representative to confirm the final location for the communication device, presenting to the Lightning Speed's Board regarding how this project might satisfy their strategic requirements, and preparing a Project Execution Plan (PEP) for the St. Thomas authorities to approve.

This project is seen as critical to both the company and the St. Thomas authorities for expanded communication services of all types. At this time, Lightning Speed Communication is being sole-sourced by St. Thomas to provide this strategic communication device due to successful project execution on other islands in the region. However, planning and performance of this project is imperative as there is stiff competition from others companies. It is therefore critical to provide the right communication system in the fastest time and to the very highest quality standards. At this stage the budget is a secondary concern.  

 A Project Execution Plan (PEP) for the overall planning, installation, and commissioning of the communication device must be submitted to the St. Thomas authorities within 45 days to receive their approval to proceed. Lightning Speed's Technical, Legal staff, and Board must have final approval of the PEP before it is issued to the St. Thomas authorities.

Describe the following:

1) How you will issue this project to Victoria and Eric?

2) How will you understand the roles between Victoria and Eric? And what issues, if any, do you expect might challenge their working relationship?

3) Describe how you expect the presentation to the Board to be planned and conducted.

4) How you will interact with Victoria and Eric during the PEP preparation?

5) Describe the information you expect to see incorporated in the PEP.

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