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You must complete Annotated Bibliographies for six of your sources (total). Last week, you turned in the first three Annotated Bibliographies. This week you turn in the second three Annotated Bibliog

You must complete Annotated Bibliographies for six of your  sources (total).

Last week, you turned in the first three Annotated Bibliographies. This week you turn in the second three Annotated Bibliographies.


At least six of your Research Paper sources must come from the TCC databases or print collections (3 of them can come from other online research and one (1) of those 3 can be original research, such as an interview). You can use any database you like, but I recommend you at least start with ProQuest and Academic Search Premier. I have video lectures demonstrating the use of these two.


Here is the structure of the Annotated Bibliography:

  1. Works Cited entry**
  2. Corresponding In-Text citation***
  3. 1-2 sentences that explain how you anticipate using this source in your paper (how will it provide support for your Thesis Statement?) ***
  4. An analysis annotated bibliography paragraph that covers the scope of the source.****
  5. A Dialectic Notes Chart that has two columns - a left column has at least 4 pieces of Evidence: information, facts, paraphrases or quotes from the source that support your thesis and/or body section,  and a right column that has a sentence of Interpretation/Analysis for each piece of Evidence in the left column****

**Works Cited page entry for this source (it’s what you copied after you clicked on the “cite” button in the database): "Cellphones Cause a Lack in Communication." University Wire, Mar 26, 2015. ProQuest, (Links to an external site.).

***In-text citation for this source (the first word or words of the Works Cited entry, usually just the author’s last name if that's at the beginning of the Works Cited entry. Sometimes, like in this case, it is the first word of the article title. Put it in parentheses): (Cellphones)

**** 1-2 sentences that explain how you anticipate using this source: I am arguing for raising teachers' salaries, and this article mentions lots of examples of teachers who have had to take on a second or even a third job to make ends meet. I plan to paraphrase some of their stories and maybe include a powerful quote or two in my second body section.

**** Example of the Paragraph Portion of an Annotated Bibliography (copied straight from our content in the Week Three Module)

Helfand, J. (2001). Screen: Essays on graphic design, new media, and visual culture. New York: Princeton Architectural Press. Helfand’s collection of essays (previously published in Eye magazine) focuses on how technological sophistication and the power of online communications have changed the manner in which computer users perceive, critique, and embrace visual and auditory design on the World Wide Web. Her subtle thesis suggests that most web “denizens” ignore the impact of design during online expeditions—unless the design imposes itself between the users and their goal. The author’s experience as a visual/virtual designer leads her to offer a critical review of how the ease of electronic design (due to prefabricated software templates) may not necessarily result in the most efficient design for web audiences, and that while contemporary web designers may possess a functional design literacy, they are not equipped with the kind of critical literacy that will lead to aesthetic and performative innovations. Helfand argues that web designers should pay greater attention to the development and influence of aural design as well as the visual if they are to remain in step with their online audiences. 

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