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You must ONLY use the required readings. Outside sources are not permitted. You must also use in-text citations for each answer, providing the authors (Gebo and Boyes-Watson), year of publication (202

You must ONLY use the required readings. Outside sources are not permitted. You must also use in-text citations for each answer, providing the authors (Gebo and Boyes-Watson), year of publication (2023), and pages you used within your answer for corresponding paraphrased text. If you have an ebook, provide the subsection of the chapter as opposed to page numbers.

Provide in-text citations in parentheses after the corresponding sentence. Example: Paraphrased statement (Gebo and Boyes-Watson, 2023, pp. 311-314 OR Gebo and Boyes-Watson, 2023, Chapter 9, subsection)

**Including in-text citations does not mean you have to quote the text. In fact, you should not be quoting any text but rather paraphrasing it and then stating where the information you provided was taken from. I will not accept answers that are not cited at all or contain incomplete citations.**

Your citation does not count toward the minimum word requirement. Each answer must include references to the required readings.

  1. Should parents or legal guardians be required to be present when their children are given the Miranda warning? Justify your response using arguments from the required reading. (Ch 9) (Minimum 120 words, 1pt)


  1. List the positives and negatives of the Terry Stop. How do you think this practice affects youth of color differently from White youth? (Ch 9) (Minimum 120 words, 1pt)


  1. How much discretion, if any, should police have in cases involving youth? Why? Make references to concepts and arguments discussed in the required reading. (Ch 9) (Minimum 120 words, 1pt)


  1. Identify the due process rights afforded to juveniles. How do the constitutional rights of juveniles differ from the constitutional rights of adults? After providing a substantive response to this question, discuss whether this is or is not fair. (Ch 10) (Minimum 150 words, 1.25pts)


  1. Using the concept of developmental competency, take a stand on whether adolescents should be tried in adult court. Then, discuss at what age youth should be held criminally responsible. Support your answer. (Ch 10) (Minimum 150, 1.25pts)


  1. Discuss arguments for why status offenses should and should not be removed. Provide evidence for your answer. (Ch 10) (Minimum 100 words, .75pts)


  1. Should families be charged for the cost of processing and placing their children in the juvenile justice system? Explain using arguments and concepts from the required reading. If charged, what happens when they cannot pay the costs? (Ch 11) (Minimum 150 words, 1.25pts)


  1. Why should training schools be a “last resort” correctional option? Identify key issues in residential placement and key considerations in the effective design of residential programs. Should chronic, low-level offenders ever be placed in residential facilities? Why or why not? (Ch 11) (Minimum 175 words, 1.5pt)


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