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You're a group of investment analysts who work for a large investment consulting firm based in Australia.

You're a group of investment analysts who work for a large investment consulting firm based in Australia. There's one big institutional investor from overseas that is interested in investing in the Australian market. You've been asked to choose one listed company the industry you think will have the most promising future for investment in Australia, then evaluate the performance of that company. Finally make a recommendation through your Report to the investor whether and why they should or should not invest in the company. Choose one listed company that you investigate/analyse for the purposes of possible recommendation to your client. You should obtain all information about the selected company from this web site: Requirements Obtain copies of Annual Reports including Income Statements, Balance Sheets, and Statement of Changes in Equity, Cash Flows Statements and Notes for three (3) financial year 2015-2016, 2016- 2017 and 2017-2018. You can download these documents from the suggested web site using the firm's code (example, BHP- for BHP Billiton Company, etc.). The assignment should cover the contents described in Part 1 to 7 bellows. STAGES TO BE COMPLETED 1 Description of operation and comparative advantages of the selected company. 2 Identify and conduct a trend analysis with two groups of financial ratios, including profitability, and operating efficiency of the selected company. 3 Identify the marketable securities that are available in current assets of the company. Discuss using of these securities as an instrument for cash management by the company. 4 Perform a sensitivity analysis with data provided. 5 Identify and discuss the systemic risks and un-systemic risks that may affect performance of the selected company. 6 Calculate the dividend payout ratio and comment on the dividend policy of the chosen company through 3 years 7 Recommendation Letter

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