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You viewed two video resources, Designing a Datab

You viewed two video resources, Designing a Database and Relational Schema of the "Priscilla/Dave" project. At the end of the logical design phase, there were five tables (Pet, PetOwner, IdTag, PetFood, and Toy). (a) Find the names of pets owned by anyone whose first name is John. Note: Use the SELECT command. (b) As there is a many-to-many relationship (between Pet and Toy) that cannot be expressed in a Relational database, an additional table (PetToy) was introduced that links the two tables. Thus, the final design is: Priscilla is interested in providing additional services to her customers, as well as having a better control on her toys and food suppliers. For additional services, she wants to add to the database the names of veterinary doctors in the neighbourhood. Each customer could choose the vet he or she wants to work with, and that vet will treat all the customers' pets. Priscilla also likes to add supplier data to her database. Each PetFood item is supplied by just one Food Supplier (but a supplier can supply many food items). A Toy can be supplied by multiple Toy Suppliers. A Toy Supplier can supply many Toys. Extend the design to include Veterinarians, Pet Suppliers, and toy Suppliers.

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