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You will:

Prenatal Development Article Exploration

The purpose of this assignment is to increase your knowledge of prenatal development and to help you learn to use scholarly research effectively. You will: 1) locate and download a scholarly article from the online library; 2) explore the content, identifying pertinent information; and 3) clear and concise description of your experience. In addition, you will also gain experience in using a new software program (Adobe Reader).

Assignment Instructions:

1.     Select 1 article from the list provided below (page 2 of this document).

2.     Download a PDF copy of the article from the Jerry Falwell Library.

If you do not have the free Adobe PDF Reader installed on your computer, please download it from here If you need assistance with the download or installation, contact the IT HelpDesk at 866-447-2869.

3.     Read the article, identifying the following information by highlighting the text and labeling it with a comment bubble (see the sample article provided in the Assignment Instructions folder).

a.         Journal information (name, date, volume/issue, page range).

b.        Title

c.         Author name

d.        Author credentials

e.         Purpose

f.          Hypothesis

g.        Significant terms and definitions

h.        Characteristics of the subjects and method of selection

i.          Conclusion: was the hypothesis supported?

j.          Limitation(s) of the study

k.        Strength(s) of the study

l.          Recommendations (from the authors of the study, or provide your own recommendations in a comment bubble).

m.      References

4.      brief reaction essay.


a) Briefly summarize the main points of your article (what did this study reveal about prenatal development?). Be sure to cite any information you include, and provide a reference entry at the end of your essay.

b) Describe what you learned about how the scientific study of developmental psychology is conducted.

c)  Identify the skills or abilities involved in this assignment that will help you in further uses of scholarly resources?

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