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You will prepare and submit a term paper on Ethnic study. Your paper should be a minimum of 1250 words in length.

You will prepare and submit a term paper on Ethnic study. Your paper should be a minimum of 1250 words in length. This is because man is a giver and female is a receiver in a sexual encounter .However, homosexuality has been succumbed to many prejudices and arguments, but still it continued to persist as an ever forbidden pleasure for male population. Men have always dominated sexual rights, and women were restricted and tabooed from experiencing sexual activities like men do. Men have been given more opportunity to explore their sexual desires whereas women have been condemned from following her whims and fancies about sex. It was considered natural for men to practice any means to satisfy his sexual needs as it was his utmost biological or physiological need. However the author, Mathew Guttman considered that such outward sexual fantasies of men have led to the practice of homosexuality among them which led to AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases. “The notions of “men natural sexual desires” were blamed for a host of health problems like AIDS on Oaxaca”(Guttmann,3). It is a common perception that all men carry same sexual desires and wants and all want to have sexual encounter with women in order to reach pleasure and satisfaction. But the fact is different, as various men indulge in different sexual acts with different gender to accomplish their sexual fetishes. They predominantly are sexual beings, and their needs are more connected to the body than mind, and, want their urges to be met invariable of the sexual object of desire. According to the author, men are not heterosexual always as most people think, many keeps a secret sexuality of themselves which they tend to explore in hides -out or darkness. Birth Control Issue Birth control is practiced among Mexican families for the main objective of restricting the birth of children and to give men more chances of indulging in sexual pleasures. Since generations, women have been given contraceptive methods to stop themselves from getting pregnant. In Mexico, men are more concerned about the reproductive health and sexuality and birth control measures are taken keeping in mind these two said factors. “It is just too obvious that much of the decision making – about what birth control methods , about what antiretroviral treatment for people with HIV and AIDS, are available – take place in boardrooms of pharmaceutical companies of Basel, Switzerland and New Jersey”(Gutmann,14).This shows that the men and women have little control on the birth control decision making and they depend on foreigners and medical specialist for this purpose. The main issue regarding gaining information on sterilization among Oaxaca men is tedious. Most of them men are deceitful when it comes to explaining the real reason behind their choice of sterilization. However, most men resort to sterilization for not taxing women’s health too much as they are the one who always get succumbed to contraceptive methods and techniques in earlier tiems. The men even want to have more sexual experience with women and if they are sterilized they can engage in sex with female partners more frequently and carelessly. The medicalization of men sexuality, is another major concern of Mexican nation. The author here means that, sexual activities and phenomena of men in Mexico should be a subject of concern among the health care reforms and medical centers.

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