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You will prepare and submit a term paper on Leadership in organizations. Your paper should be a minimum of 1250 words in length.

You will prepare and submit a term paper on Leadership in organizations. Your paper should be a minimum of 1250 words in length. Therefore, in asking this question, the expected answer that would demonstrate leadership in general, and the ability to lead Microsoft in particular would therefore comprise of the following fundamental leadership principles: Strong value system Leadership is defined in different parameters. Nevertheless, the common denominator for effective and successful leadership is that the leader at least believes in something, and consistently seeks self-improvement through strengthening the visionary attributes. Therefore, possessing a strong value system is a vital aspect of effective and successful leadership, considering that it makes the leader consistent in pursuing the goals of the organization, without being deterred by any challenges (Manfred and De Vries, 7). Take for example, Bill Gates has ranked on top of the richest people in the world, yet with all that money, he still woke up every day and headed to his place of work, until his retirement. Such characteristics can only be demonstrated by a leader who really believes in something, and that belief gives him the drive to pursue the vision and the objectives of the organization every single day, even when money, fame and power is no longer the motivating factors, having already achieved them. Thus, the fundamental and the most important answer that would be expected of a candidate for the post of the Microsoft CEO, should comprise a statement indicating that the candidate is visionary, and has a strong value system, making it possible for the candidate to consistently pursue the vision of the organization. However, being visionary alone is not adequate to make an individual effective and successful leader, whenever it is devoid of the ability to construct the vision and the belief system into a solid and tangible construction that can be perceived by all the organizational stakeholders (Manfred and De Vries, 8). The vision of Microsoft over the past decades has been to transform and change the world. While this can simply be categorized as a general, inarticulate and overambitious vision, it simply defines the great belief that Bill Gates and the organization had, to reach every part of the world and supply their products, to form a platform that would transform the whole world. Today, there is no denial that Microsoft has transformed the world, through making the dream of having a computer in every household in the world become virtually true, since even for those who do not have desktop computers, they have other gadgets that are utilizing the Microsoft developed software to run. Demonstrate a sense of humility, tolerance, tact and charisma In answering what defines the candidate’s leadership style, a sense of humility is among the most sought characteristic that the candidate should be able to demonstrate, among the fundamental principles that constitutes effective and successful leadership (Manfred and De Vries, 12).

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