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You will prepare and submit a term paper on Medieval, Renaissance, and Enlightenment Thought. Your paper should be a minimum of 500 words in length.

You will prepare and submit a term paper on Medieval, Renaissance, and Enlightenment Thought. Your paper should be a minimum of 500 words in length. 13 June Assignment Philosophical thought has called for a vast amount of growth and development in the thinking patterns of people over time. The concept of a hero and a saint has been provided a lot of importance and understanding in order to come to a conclusion regarding the status of the two aspects of society. A number of examples have been depicted in history and cultures across the world where personalities from different walks of life have been able to convert themselves from heroes to saints for the welfare of humanity. In cases like the emergence of Romanticism, agony and ecstasy of Michelangelo, the enlightenment patterns of cultural mutation and Kierkegaard’s portrayal of Abraham, these aspects can be seen clearly. In the realms of romanticism, a number of examples have helped people to understand the kind of philosophical thought that passes through the minds of characters and people and what changes their minds with respect to the relationships that they share with people around them. In modern day society, such a thought process might have changed but is inherently very similar to the days of yore. When talking about cultural mutation, one can easily witness changes taking place in modern day society with respect to the formation of global economies and socio-cultural scenarios. As compared to the past, in order to depict the growth in thought, one should be able to determine the causes and inferences of the Lutheran Reformation, victory of the usage of empirical methods and statistical data in order to prove scientific methods rather than relying on normative thought processes. (Triki, Rachida) Furthermore, the journey of conversion from the identity of a hero to a saint also finds a very promising exemplary while discussing the power and established Renaissance Empire during the time of Michelangelo. It was his personal motivational drive to achieve excellence in the field of creation that helped him go from personal gains to achieving a better tomorrow for the rest of the world. Despite the few flaws that his works might contain, they have helped in transforming philosophical thought and bringing about a transition in the way people think about development in the modern world. (Michelangelo | Renaissance Artist) According to Kierkegaard, Abraham’s main test of faith was to witness whether or not he was able to give up his son Isaac to God, as an offering. Through a series of absurd events, Abraham agrees and comes to terms with her personal strength to give up the one thing that he loves, to God, in order to attain the recognition of being a saint. In ‘Fear and Trembling’ thus, Abraham is forced to lie to Sarah and question his own philosophical psychology and comprehend what it was that compelled him to put the knife down and give in to the demands of God. (The Voice of God and the Face of the Other) In conclusion, these aspects of thinking and have brought about a significant development and change in the way people think today and it has all been possible due to cultural expansion and evolution of the human search for meaning along with confidence in various aspects of science, politics and religion going hand in hand with the same. Works Cited "The Voice of God and the Face of the Other: Levinas, Kierkegaard, and Abraham."&nbsp.University of Virginia Library. Web. 13 June 2011. . "Michelangelo | Renaissance Artist."&nbsp.Lucidcafe Interactive Cafe and Information Resource. Web. 13 June 2011. . Triki, Rachida. "Revolution and Cultural Mutation | Ibraaz."&nbsp.What Do We Need to Know about the MENA Region Today? | Ibraaz. Web. 13 June 2011. .

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