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You will prepare and submit a term paper on Services Marketing Importance of the Internet. Your paper should be a minimum of 2750 words in length.

You will prepare and submit a term paper on Services Marketing Importance of the Internet. Your paper should be a minimum of 2750 words in length. In today's day and age, the internet has become a very important part of people's lives. From entertainment to accounting, almost all the facets of life are available on the internet and people are using it for business, banking, shopping and communicating. But the fact that this medium is vulnerable to evil designs of fraudsters namely hackers who lurk behind it with intentions of identity theft or theft of sensitive information of unsuspecting net users, makes this medium risky. But looking into the problem and its span objectively would help to provide solutions and countermeasures for it. With the increased importance of the internet in people's lives, the amount of internet or online frauds have also increased. The challenge is to make sure that internet is a safe medium for services like online shopping, online banking, etc and users are not victims of misdeeds like phishing (What is phishing, n.d.) or other online frauds. The world of the Internet can be as fascinating and as dangerous at the same time. It is a technological wonder through which people access news, information, communicate using emails or social networks, shop online or transact money through online banking. At the same time, the internet is also fraught with dangers. Phishing- Through this method the phisher or the person who attacks through the internet and tries to gain access to important and confidential information such as passwords, credit card numbers, etc of the person who is being attacked. The victim unknowingly falls prey to the evil schemes of the phisher and end up divulging the sensitive information which is then misused. It has been reported that phishing is almost a specialized crime which involves services of many like spammers, hackers, and phishers. This is done to increase the damage caused by the act and also its scope. Some of the most significant operators in this arena are: Mailer- These are people who send out the huge number of fake emails which contain links to a website meant for phishing. Once the unaware users click on the links in these emails, they are taken to phishing sites or fake websites. Collector- These people set up these fake sites meant for phishing and here the users are requested to provide their confidential information like passwords, social security numbers or credit card pin numbers. Often the fake emails are so well disguised in design and functionality that users take them to be original emails correspondence from their banks and after reaching the fake sites they end up uploading sensitive data there.

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