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You will prepare and submit a term paper on Why Cristiano Ronaldo is a Hero. Your paper should be a minimum of 500 words in length.

You will prepare and submit a term paper on Why Cristiano Ronaldo is a Hero. Your paper should be a minimum of 500 words in length. Why Cristiano Ronaldo is a Hero

I. Introduction:

Setting: Football Pitch

Characters: Narrator, football player

*Thesis: (topic of the story + purpose of the story)

Unlike most athletes and sportsmen, unique decision making and heroic deeds of Cristiano Ronaldo have stood out. I learned the need to always reach my decisions based on positive reasons.

II. Body:

A. *Plot—Establish the conflict (TS1):

Coming from a family that had a father whose death resulted from alcohol consumption, he resolved to shun this habit for his own good and as a lesson to others that alcoholism is not good.

1. Supporting Details: He does not take alcohol at all.

B. *Climax—Describe the conflict (TS2):

The desire to serve the plight of others led to a second decision of not tattooing himself.

1. Supporting Details: He always donate blood regularly

2. Supporting Details: Recovers quickly after any injury on the field.

C. *Ending—Resolve the conflict (TS3):

At last, because of these heroic deeds, I make decisions based on reasons that have a positive backing.

1. Supporting Details: I make decisions on my own without conceding external influences.

2. Supporting Details: Have resolved to serve the plight of the needy through donating blood frequently.

III. Conclusion:

*Concluding Idea: Explain the essay’s purpose (how has this event impacted your life):

By learning observing these heroic deeds, I have learnt that not only does making decisions based on positive reasons help me as individual, but that it also benefits the society.

Why Cristiano Ronaldo is a hero

Cristiano Ronaldo is a well known football player who has done excellently in the clubs he has signed in, notably Manchester United and Real Madrid. He is well known for his soccer prowess and unique football techniques, which can only be matched by few other players in the field. In fact, during his tenure at Manchester United, he helped the team win many trophies, while improving its ranking and fame. Thus, it is undeniable that he is one of the soccer players that anybody would wish to match. However, that is not what makes him a hero to me. There is more about Cristiano Ronaldo than his prowess on the field.

The first aspect that makes him a hero is the fact that Cristiano Ronaldo does not take alcohol. This may not appear to be unusual, since there are many people like him who still do not take alcohol. However, the only thing that makes him a hero, regarding this aspect, is his reason for not doing it. His father used to take alcohol, and consequently was affected by a liver disease, which emanated from alcohol intake. Having deep love for his father, who had inspired him much to the footballer that he is today, he made a decision that alcohol was not good and therefore he would not take it. This to me is a heroic deed, because the reason behind his decision was the love he had for his father and the bitterness of his death, which emanated from alcohol. Thus, it is a heroic decision, based on a real life experience, which serves to indicate the love and appreciation he had for his father. Notwithstanding that he has a lot of money and access to alcohol, and even more temptations based on his social status, he resolved and stuck to that decision. This is a heroic deed that needs to be applauded.

More to his heroic deed is the fact that he has reached yet another decision that is very rare. He is among the very few celebrities who do not have a tattoo on his body. It is not out of the fact that he is not interested in beauty and fashion. Neither is the decision to avoid tattoos on his body influenced by any religious, cultural or social belief. He resolved not to have any tattoos on his body, since he likes donating blood frequently. This is yet another thing that makes him unique and a hero. He displays the possession of a heart that is willing to serve the plight of others, through saving their lives. While having avoiding tattoos on the body is a decision that can easily be reached by anybody, his reason for doing it makes him stand out. Therefore, his style of decision making and his way of thinking, compliments his field prowess. This makes him a hero, both in career and socially.


By deciding to avoid consuming alcohol, Cristiano Ronaldo display a strong personality that can resolve and reach decisions, not based on any influence, but based on personal factors. Additionally, his decision to forego tattooing his body for the sake of donating blood frequently, displays his concern for the wellbeing of others. These two decisions have impacted on his life by allowing him fulfill the goals he has, while also helping him to recover easily in case of an injury on the field. The same heroic deeds have inspired me to always make concrete decisions, based on personal factors and not based on external influence. Additionally, the heroic deeds have taught me to always reach my decisions based on positive reasons. Lastly, I have learnt that there is more that an individual can give to the society, based on his/her personality, as opposed to social class and status. These heroic deeds are a true inspiration.

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