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You will read the following Complete Guide to Ethics Management: An Ethics Toolkit for Managers at the following website: all

You will read the following Complete Guide to Ethics Management: An Ethics Toolkit for Managers at the following website: all of the included highlighted documents, which can be read by simply scrolling down through the entire document, or by clicking on each highlighted topic, which will bring you directly to that section.

Part 1

There are two different parts to this week's discussion:

1) Choose one of the hypothetical ethical dilemma examples from the section: “Real-to-Life Examples of Complex Ethical Dilemmas” from your reading for this week. Then, scroll down further to the “Method One – Ethical Checklist.” Considering the dilemma example, consider your answers to the questions asked in the ethical checklist, and summarize your answers to share with your classmates. Be sure to include in your summary what information is still needed in order to make a final decision.

2) For our discussion, list some of your top values and be ready to defend why they are values and why they are the most important. That is, if there were a conflict of values (e.g., not wanting to lie versus not wanting to hurt someone's feelings) which ever one is your highest priority is your most important value. So this is about your values, and how you rank those values.

part 2

Consider your own personal top five to ten ethical values that are your highest priority. Write in your journal what these ethical values are. Then, compose your own code of ethics; attempt to associate with each value, two example behaviors which reflect each value.

Minimum of 250 words. Cite references in apa format.

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