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Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on british airways: an innovation lab in the sky (ungrounded campaign).

Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on british airways: an innovation lab in the sky (ungrounded campaign). In order to achieve its desired global profitability, the company carries out extensive market research and analyzes coupled with systematic advertising. Public relations are key to the company’s marketing strategies. It uses a number of strategies for building a desirable reputation thereby enjoying a degree of profitability both in the United States and globally.

British Airways is a public company with its main goal being to make substantial profits on the shareholder investment. The company operates in the transport and tourism industry. It provides transport services among other services in the hospitality industry. Additionally, it uses a number of marketing strategies in order to sustain its desired profitability thereby enhancing investor confidence (Bowen, Rawlins & Martin, 2010). In doing this, the company strives to:

The United States is one of British Airways’ largest markets. The company serves various cities in the country from New York in the East Coast to Los Angeles in the West Coast. The country’s large population coupled with a strong economy is some of the basic factors that continue to entice such global companies like British Airways. The company plies various routes both within the United States and to numerous other countries globally. As such, the company often carries out expensive marketing in the country. These include periodic market researches, market analysis, advertising and public relations among others. The company does all these with the view to safeguarding both its profitability and longevity in the market (Cranes Lions international festival of creativity, 2014)

Over the years, the American market attracted a number of competitors who succeeded in winning a substantial share of British Airway’s market. The company had developed a formidable legacy of innovative breakthroughs.

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