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Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on characteristics of high performance organizations.

Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on characteristics of high performance organizations. The recent economic recession has led to tremendous disruption in the global business. thus enabling many companies to employ effective management skills. Managers across the globe are nowadays trying to employ effective strategies and leadership styles that can enable them to achieve successful business performance. The research studies have made varied attempts at revealing relevant management practices and effective factors, which have a positive relationship with organizational performance. They have made an attempt to revealing the management theory and the way this theory has been applied in varied companies to create organizational change. Managers exploit unique management performance characteristics in order to improve organizational performance. thus enabling the company to achieve a competitive advantage. Thus, the report offers an analysis of effective management performance characteristics one can employ in order to improve organizational performance.

The previous research on workplace management performance and practices has attempted to examine the effect of personality traits and work performance aspects. Barrick, Mount, and Li (132) examine the core principle of personality trait theory and the purposeful goals it plays in organizational performance. The authors further argue that when the motivational forces are linked with job characteristics, individuals improve work performance. Personality traits play significant roles in an organizational performance because personality is one way an employee thinks, feels or behaves in a way that can create change in the workplace. The personality of people may influence their behaviors, attitudes and the way they make significant decisions in the workplace. For instance, interpersonal skills tremendously impact the way people act or make decisions in the working environment. The more organizational managers understand their personalities in an organization, the better equipped they become. thus an accomplishing their goals efficiently.

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