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Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on communication & psychology.

Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on communication & psychology. In the project regarding issues of rising number of unwanted dogs, the advertising authority seeks to relay essential message to individuals engaging in unlicensed breeding of dogs. Awareness must be created upon the general public regarding the increasing numbers of unwanted dogs within the society. While the advertising authority undertakes a social duty for caring for these animals, the general public might be unconcerned about the welfare of these dogs. The message being conveyed seeks to gain the sympathy of the population upon the dogs (BBC 2013). This remains aimed at ensuring unlicensed breeders stop breeding, and the general public provides support to the organisation in rendering sufficient care to abandoned dogs. Support from the general public could come in form of donations or adoption of some dogs by caring individuals.

The radio advertisement was chosen because of its wide coverage, which could be essential in reaching large numbers of target individuals. According to reliable sources, approximately 90% of the entire United Kingdom’s population tuned to different radio stations within the country. This signifies a large number of target individuals could be potentially reached through running radio advertisements. The communication method therefore, becomes easy and quick in execution as the target individuals become easily accessible through this medium. Statistics further indicate the numbers of individuals listening to radio will continue to increase in coming years. This medium of communication also appeals to different demographics of individuals, and the advertisement targets the general public. Through the utilisation of electronic media, the message becomes easily conveyed to the general public easily and quickly.

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